Maximizing your earning potential for a financially-free future

Contrary to what movies have us believe, there is an accessible way of investing your money without being a billionaire or a stock market analyst. Sun Life offers a variety of investment-linked insurance plans to maximize the earning potential of your money for financial protection and security.

Investment options for your VUL policies


Balanced Fund

A mix of fixed-income and stocks

Bond Fund

Fixed-income investments for modest returns in the mid-term

Captain's Fund

Invest in the companies of the country’ top industry leaders

Dynamic Fund

A long-term investment plan with a flexible strategy

Equity Fund

Invest in high-quality stocks for long-term growth

Growth Fund

Diversify your investments across high-quality equities for long-term capital growth

Growth Plus Fund

Maximize your return on investment with high-quality securities that yield dividends

Income Fund

Manage potential fluctuations for a steadier growth

Global Income Fund

Access high-quality fixed-income funds across the globe

Index Fund

Match the PSEi performance and leverage on the country's economic growth

Money Market Fund

Ensure capital protection and still grow your short-term investments

MyFuture Fund

Reach your financial goals on time

Opportunity Fund

Diversify across major asset and investment types for optimum growth

Opportunity Tracker Fund

Experience equity returns with the stability of fixed income assets

Global Opportunity Fund

Take advantage of global investment prospects and get international diversification

Global Growth Fund

Get easy access to a mix of equity-centric global funds

Global Opportunity Payout Fund

Expand your investment portfolio and enjoy income opportunities beyond borders

Peso Global Income Fund

Expand the reach of your Pesos by accessing a diversified portfolio of fixed income-centric global funds

Peso Global Growth Fund

Enhance the growth potential of your Peso assets by accessing a diversified portfolio of equity-centric global funds

Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund

Increase your money's earning potential and create a positive impact in the world by accessing a diversified portfolio of ESG-focused global equity funds. 

Peso Global Opportunity Fund

Take your Peso's earning power to the next level and tap high-quality, equity-centric, and fixed income-centric global funds

Peso Global Opportunity Payout Fund

A world of income and diversified investment opportunities for your Pesos is now within reach.

Sun Peso Maximizer (Hybrid Income) - Limited offer! 

Enjoy stream of income while maximizing your money's earning potential through global investments and protecting your capital.