Moving up for new life goals

Moving Up Life Stage

Like Sarah and Matteo, you are focused on building the future. Life-changing events, such as starting a family, expand your financial journey.

Once you have dependents, financial decisions like budgeting and choosing your investments take on a wider horizon.

Look at how Sarah and Matteo prepare for their next life goals – with a guaranteed partner for life in Sun Life.  Here’s what the Guidicellis and Sun Life recommend:

  For your family's future

  SUN Smarter Life Elite is a life insurance and savings plan     with:

  • Guaranteed regular cash pay-outs every other year up to age 100
  • Guaranteed double life insurance throughout your lifetime
  • Earn potential dividends as additional cash fund

Moving Up is where your financial journey aligns with life-changing milestones, where your present and future needs can be sufficiently addressed.

How to manage your finances when moving up?

Create a spending plan icon Create a spending plan icon

CREATE a conscious spending plan to be more in control of your expenses.

Build an emergency fund icon Build an emergency fund icon

BUILD an emergency fund to safeguard your income in case of illness or injury.

Ensure your future income icon Ensure your future income icon

ENSURE future income using a diversified portfolio of financial products. 

Safeguard your income icon Safeguard your income icon

GET INSURED to ensure that your family’s future will not be derailed, should anything happen to you.

Build an education fund icon Build an education fund icon

BUILD an education fund for your children with products like Sun Smarter Life Elite.

Save and invest icon Save and invest icon

SAVE AND INVEST for life milestones, such as starting your own business, travels as a family, and even preparing for retirement.

The Guidicellis are Moving up, and prioritizing their future as a family, just like you. Curious to know who’s Getting Started and Preparing ahead? Learn more about the other Life Stages.


Move up your financial journey with a guaranteed partner for life. Let us help you find a Financial Advisor who can make this happen.

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