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Start your brighter life today

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Here are some successful matches from our Advisor Match tool:

Zette Laxamana and Joanne Espinosa

“Joanne is my very first client from Advisor Match. After exchanging emails and messages, we decided to meet at SM Cabanatuan City, a Sunday before Christmas day in 2017. A single mom, Joanne decided to go back to the Philippines after working in Dubai. From the start, she already knew the plan that she would get, having read and studied about MaxiLink Prime in the website. I was inspired not only be her knowledge but also her dedication to fund the education of her children.”

Zette Laxamana and Mariah

“I met Mariah at Harbor Point in Subic, Olongapo City during the early morning of Holy Wednesday. After many missed opportunities to meet, it finally happened. Even with her very hectic schedule as a Quality Control Specialist, we talked from 9am to 1pm about the proposal I presented. We got along so well because we both believed in financial freedom. She told me she likes to save her money rather than not knowing where it was spent – that’s why she is serious on getting a Sun Life policy. We do exchange messages until now.”

Nina Caldona and Fatima Buenafe

“The moment we met, we just clicked. She told me about her plans, how she wanted to try working abroad – which I did – so I shared with her my very own OFW story about living independently and discovering Sun Life in the process. We exchanged stories so smoothly it felt like we were just old friends chatting. It was an instant #PerfectMatch with Fatima! As a store supervisor, she wanted to have an investment to prevent her from impulsive buying or giving everything to her parents. Thus, she availed of a MaxiLink Prime to start her journey.

Moreover, she told me that I inspired her to pursue her goal to work overseas, come back, and eventually be a financial advisor. Little does she know I was the one inspired by her optimism! I encouraged her to explore and live her life to the fullest, and most of all, congratulated her for making a bright choice at such a young age.”

Dexter Balbanida and Mayday Paler

“Mayday is working as an OFW seaman, and most of his workmate in the ship are Sun Life policyholders. In his desire to live a brighter life, even when he was still overseas, he found a way to connect with Sun Life. He sought the assistance of his wife in searching for an advisor who can assist him in securing a policy with Sun Life. Through Advisor Match, they were able to reach me. I was glad to be of service, to guide him in deciding what product would suit his needs.

He immediately agreed to discuss with me his plans when he returned to the Philippines last April. With eagerness, he traveled from Pagadian City to Cagayan de Oro (a 6-8 hours trip) to finalize the details of his plan. Originally, he wanted to get term life insurance but, unfortunately, seamen do not qualify for coverage. So we deliberately planned what would suit his needs, finally agreeing to get a VUL policy, specifically Sun Flexilink.

I was able to guide him to avail a life insurance plan with critical illness benefit that suit his current life stage. His application was approve before he left for abroad - and he was one happy satisfied client. He expressed his gratitude for the affordable premium that offered maximum protection. His wife was inspired and informed me that she will also apply for a policy soon. The search for a brighter life is indeed contagious.”

Lianne Salvador and Denn Patrick Vallesteros

“Denn Patrick was match to me on the last day of 2017 – making him my last lead for the year. Only 21 years old at that time, fairly new to the corporate world and adult responsibilities, he was eager to plan and learn about his finances. He was all ears during our meeting.

We were able to hit it off once we talked about personal experiences in handling our finances. How it opened his eyes to the struggles of paying for his own expenses. How he was grateful that he took the chance to get in touch with us via the Advisor Match tool. Comparing my situation when I was a fresh graduate, he was pleased to know that he was off to a good start since I never had anyone to talk to back then. He also realized that he still has a long way to go in terms of life goals such as retirement and investment. Still, his priority was to start on the RIGHT path.

Moreover, he realized that his family should also know proper financial planning. Both his parents and twin brother were working in the Middle East, and he had not seen them for some time. He was actually eager for them to come home so we can meet and see what plans were suited for them.

During our meeting, that very same day, he signed for a VUL plan. Once approved, we met again and signed him for a SUN Fit and Well policy.

Last time we talked, he was planning to work with his family in the Middle East, where he knew his chances of getting a better income was higher. So next up, Mutual Funds! Before flying out later this year, we promised to open him an account. This cemented his belief to start strong in his career in order to secure his future. So proud of him! We are the perfect match!”

Moreover, she told me that I inspired her to pursue her goal to work overseas, come back, and eventually be a financial advisor. Little does she know I was the one inspired by her optimism! I encouraged her to explore and live her life to the fullest, and most of all, congratulated her for making a bright choice at such a young age.”

Janice Montes and Merlyn Pereyras

“It was a perfect match at first meet-up. I suggested to Ms. Pereyras to meet somewhere near her place, to which she swiftly replied: "No Janice, I wanted somewhere in a mall, so I can also have the chance to unwind." It instantly gave me an impression that she is a sociable person. The next day, she had an errand near one of our financial stores. She urgently texted me if we can meet at the office.

I quickly made myself available so we can finally meet over lunch. In our conversation, we shared about previous employment experiences. She revealed her connection to a school in Davao, and that her present source of income came from a farm acquired with her late husband. Then we continued to exchange names in hopes of finding some familiar ones, like discovering a mutual friend on Facebook. We discovered that we share two common friends.

With a daughter based abroad, Ma'am Merlyn is an independent woman. She takes care of herself and finds comfort in being on her own. She also confessed that she may be joining her husband in the afterlife any time now, so she decided to secure some of funds for her granddaughter. She may not be a hands-on grandmother, but she had the heart to provide for the future of her apo. Ma'am Merlyn had no hesitations investing her money with Sun Life, mainly because of the company serving the country for the longest time.  This made my discussion with her easier. She asked how mutual funds were being manage and how these will perform based on the historical data that I presented her. She even chose two of our aggressive funds for her account. When I showed her the profiles of our fund managers, she felt even more confident with her decision.

On our first meeting, we finished her policy application and Ma'am Merlyn even had the time to wait for her acknowledgement receipt. After two days, her mutual fund account application was settled. I also made updates on her request for a certificate of subscription. Ma'am Merlyn was satisfied with the service, because she did not wait too long for the document to be delivered at her residence.

The 10th of May came. It was Ma'am Merlyn's birthday and l greeted her through Facebook messenger. She replied late at night. I felt her appreciation of that short "Thanks Janice" reply. This made me realize that my first is my perfect match, giving me the chance to ask for her permission to share our photo. Then she replied "Okay, only  if I look good in the photo" with a smiley emoticon.”

Kath Talusan and Jessie Coruz

Jessie chose me using the Advisor Match tool. I called him to set a meeting, and he said he would be bringing a friend. The meeting came, then I asked him: why did you choose me? He answered: because I thought you can help me, seeing that you’re like at my age. We easily jived because we have the same specific goal in mind, which was to invest in agriculture since he was planning to stay in the province in the future.

We also shared experiences, like mga nangyari after makagraduate, yung first job. Tumagal yung meeting namin because parang shared lives na yung nangyari. And he said na totoo yung profile ko sa website na nakalagay I can be your friend” kasi he and his friend felt na walang wall even though it’s our first time to meet. Then after the meeting nagkayayaan pa na maglunch. So parang kabarkada na yung feeling kasi we even planned na mag-road trip and all. Hindi lang pala life protection yung pwede natin ioffer but also friendship that is valuable.

As I embrace our mission to achieve financial freedom for every Filipino, I realized that changing the world requires changing the lives of people through teaching financial literacy and building relationship with every person you meet.