Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund

Ensure capital protection and still grow your short-term investments with the Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund

The Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund is ideal for:


Money Market Fund Risk Tolerance


Money Market Fund Investment Horizon

Minimum Initial Investment Amount                          PHP 100

Minimum Additional Investment Amount                   PHP 100

Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund reports:

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The Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund is a mutual fund designed to provide potential higher annual returns than your standard savings account.

Minimum investment amount: PHP 100

This fund is for you if:

  • You have a conservative risk profile and are considering an alternative investment to time deposit or savings account to earn interest.
  • You want minimal risk with your investment, which can potentially beat the interest rates of ordinary bank products.
  • You anticipate to use your money within one year after the date of investment.

Board of Directors - Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund, Inc.

Benedicto C. Sison – Chairman

Maria Josefina A. Castillo - Director

Gerald L. Bautista - Director

Oscar M. Orbos – Independent Director

Aleli Angela G. Quirino – Independent Director

Oscar S. Reyes – Independent Director


Board of Officers - Sun Life Prosperity Peso Starter Fund, Inc.

Maria Josefina A. Castillo – President

Candy S. Esteban - Treasurer

Ma. Jemilyn S. Camania – Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Data Protection Officer

Anna Katrina C. Kabigting-Ibero – Corporate Secretary

Frances Ianna S. Canto – Assistant Corporate Secretary

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