Global Growth Fund

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Global Growth Fund is offered as a fund option exclusive to Sun MaxiLink Dollar One, Sun FlexiDollar and Sun FlexiDollar1, which are investment-linked life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission1.

The Fund may invest in foreign currency denominated financial assets, which may include, but is not limited to: common stocks and related securities, such as preferred stock and convertible securities; USD-denominated mutual funds, USD-denominated exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and any securities similar to said funds.

Benefit from a wealth of advantages

  • Easy Access
    An investor gains easy access to a mix of equity-centric global funds that may not be readily available to the regular retail clients.
  • Better Possible Returns
    Unlike traditional savings that usually provide fixed interest rates, investing in a diversified portfolio of global equities may improve the growth potential of your dollar assets.
  • Professional Portfolio Management
    You have Sun Life Financial's investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you.
  • Liquidity
    Global Growth Fund units can be redeemed on any business day.

1The Global Growth Fund is not a security.