How to Start Financial Planning

Getting Started is about building confidence and independence

The Getting Started life stage is where you start to find yourself and break boundaries. You may be motivated to keep up and even surge ahead of the pack no matter the cost, but it’s a good time to build your assets for your own needs.

After all, seeking freedom to be your own person comes with financial obligations and responsibilities. But as you learn to support yourself, the Getting Started life stage becomes a jump-off point towards financial maturity.

Goals and characteristics

  • Values independence and idealism
  • Prefers a mobile lifestyle
  • Saves for travel, gadgets, and experiences
  • Dreams of owning a car, a house, or a condo
  • Aspires to give back to parents
  • Owns bank deposits
  • Needs savings, an emergency fund, life insurance, and investments

What to do when getting started?


a conscious spending plan.


your future income using financial products.


an emergency fund.


for life milestones.