How can you have Money for Life?

Get Money for Life in every life stage

You surely have your own vision of what a brighter life is. Now make it a reality with proper financial planning! Your Sun Life Financial Advisor can help develop a customized plan with the best product solutions for every life stage.

A lifetime of financial needs

Money for Life Needs Chart

Money for Life is the Sun Life way of helping you create your own personalized financial plan, based on the different stages of your life.


Find out which life stage best describes you.

Getting started icon Getting started icon

Getting Started

Aiming for independence, and understanding the value of handling your own finances

Preparing Ahead icon Preparing Ahead icon

Preparing Ahead

Planning for retirement while maintaining your good health are critical

Moving up icon Moving up icon

Moving Up

Life-changing events prompt you to prioritize family above all

Leaving a legacy icon Leaving a legacy icon

Leaving a Legacy

Ensuring comfort in your golden years and securing your loved ones’ future

Navigate your financial journey with 7 STEPS TO A BRIGHTER LIFE

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