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It's your time to shine big!

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Shine Big with the wide variety of positions available at Sun Life Shine Big with the wide variety of positions available at Sun Life

It's your time to shine big!

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At Sun Life Financial, the range and diversity of positions available are wide and vast. Whether you’re just starting out in the corporate ladder or at the peak of your career, there is a niche for you waiting to be carved.

Play a central role in building and maintaining the company’s success by ensuring that company remains viable. Perform pricing and valuation for every product line, financial projections and analyses, reinsurance and representation before regulatory bodies. Read more about actuarial careers at Sun Life Financial Philippines below.

Actuaries are a truly admirable and rare breed of professionals.

At Sun Life Financial Philippines, we recognize the value as well as the challenges of becoming an actuary. Thus, we developed the Actuarial Student Program to promote the successful passing of actuarial exams since this is a critical step in an aspiring actuary’s development. Benefits of the program include: salary incentives for passing of exams, examination fees subsidy, and time off from work to study.

Professional Development

Sun Life Philippines also provides the following for our actuarial staff:

  • Membership with professional association to support relationship building with colleagues from other companies
  • Attendance in professional meetings, seminars, conferences to support continued professional development

Shatter the misconception about the merit of office management. As a vital component of business continuity planning, you will provide support and services in facilities management, purchasing, record keeping, and logistics.

Protect client interest and resolve concerns at their time of need. Be part of a team that sets the standard on processing life insurance claims – known in the industry to have the fastest turnaround period. Delight in a job with a heart, where every result makes a difference

Client service is the wind beneath Sun Life’s wings. Assist clients in securing their future through handling their concerns and inquiries and facilitating their transactions. Whether in our nationwide array of customer hubs or in our in-house call center, bask in the warmth of this rewarding and dynamic career option.

Discipline within our ranks ensures a success both feasible and sustainable. Sun Life prides itself as an organization that puts premium on self-regulation. Welcome to a team that promotes, facilitates, monitors, and assesses business strategies in order to mitigate regulatory risks.

What is a great product portfolio without a competitive sales force? Provide the appropriate tools and services to Sun Life’s financial advisors while heralding the good news of financial security. Help improve the lives of Filipinos as you deliver wealth management solutions to their doorsteps.

Enhance profitability, safeguard assets, and manage cash flows – the very soul of the company’s viability. So brush up your financial prowess as you identify and analyze opportunities for growth.

Employees reflect the values and culture of their organization. Assemble the most dedicated and brilliant army of personnel. Empower them with a conducive working environment coupled with competitive benefits. Carve a niche for yourself by identifying and caring for the best talents in the market.

Choose from a wide selection of I.T. offerings: applications development, business analysis, project management, software quality assurance, information security, and operations. We cultivate I.T. professionals who provide first-class service, from local assignments to regional and global duties.

Inaccuracies can be the downfall of even the most stable corporation. Evaluate the veracity of official records and determine if compliance and risk management policies are properly enforced. At the end of the day, your job is critical in ensuring sound operational procedures and policies.

Before you switch on Bloomberg and CNN for your daily servings of investment news, imagine how cool it would be if this is part of your job description. We boast of a team that can balance prudence and profit in asset management with a proven track record even during the recent global economic shakedown.

They are the vanguards of statutory requirements in the Sun Life family. Their proactive legal services support strategic, transactional, governance, and operational initiatives undertaken by different function areas. Represent the company in litigation while acting as corporate counsel for the company and its subsidiaries.

Take the pulse of the market. Develop relevant products. Communicate to your publics effectively. Create effective and engaging campaigns. We have an award-winning Marketing Team who have pioneered many an innovation in the world of insurance. Are you up to the challenge?

Health is power in every insurance policy. Under the Sun, the Medical contingent examines clients as part of their application. They also lend their expertise in developing medical underwriting policies and procedures. In between, they maintain a company clinic to meet employee needs.

Be ahead of the investment pack by nurturing the family of Sun Life Prosperity Funds – one of the best mutual fund companies in the Philippines. As a professional mutual fund distributor, teach Filipinos the value of diversity, flexibility, and liquidity on their journey to financial freedom.

Be at the center of Sun and the insurance business as a member of the Underwriting department. Identify, evaluate, select, classify, and manage various kinds of medical and business risks. Your diligence and careful assessments can lead the company to a healthy portfolio of insured clients.

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