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Start your brighter life today

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Why choose a Sun Life advisor?

Even though seeking a financial advisor is one of the brightest decisions you can make for the future, it can prove to be a daunting task.

We at Sun Life would like to help. In looking for a financial partner, it is best to look for these four values: a CARING heart, a PROFESSIONAL demeanor, an INSPIRING vision, and a WINNING attitude.

Take a look at the advisor stories that capture these attributes, and discover what makes a Sun Life Advisor shine brighter.

Federico Dela Pena III
Eucalyptus NBO

Despite his success as a Unit Manager, Rico started his journey as a financial advisor on a part-time basis. Until a fateful encounter with a young client changed his mind. This client was a 27-year old woman supported her parents. Despite her misgivings, Rico persuaded her to invest in the maximum amount he believed she needed. Days later, as he was about to deliver the approved contract, he found out that she died in a car accident:

 “The day came to deliver the cheques to her parents. I told them I couldn’t give back the life of their precious daughter, but what I had in my hands was a testament to how their daughter loved and valued them. Their eyes were full of grief and gratitude at the same time.”

Shelly Grace Yumul

Continuous learning is the compass that has guided Shelly in being a trustworthy financial partner for her clients. After a stint in the cutthroat BPO industry, she joined Sun Life where she upgraded her knowledge and skills by completing an MBA, a Registered Financial Planning course, and becoming an Accredited Financial Analyst. 

She believes in giving advice rather than proposal selling and product-pushing: “In my rather short stay in this business, there is only one skill I have mastered – and that is the art of making the clients feel good about their purchase decision. This is a skill that I’m striving to transfer to my advisors so we, as a company, continue to be the people’s choice.”

Arlyn Tan
Green Fir NBO

“Hard work is dull but it is the magic ingredient that will bring you to your destination.” This statement captures the story of Arlyn and her many roles such as National President of the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines as well as Divisional Vice President and a lifetime member of the elite Million Dollar Round Table or MDRT.

 The latter proved to be a landmark honor, as she was only the third Filipino invited to fill the post. Despite her accomplishments, she still considers herself a work in progress. Now with her own team to guide, she aims to master client service, risk and wealth management, as well as sales force development and team dynamics.

Odessa Saludares
Osmanthus NBO

Overcoming the peaks and troughs of success breeds tenacity – a trait that has propelled Odessa to navigate multinational companies and fast-moving consumer products before shifting to her own business, which was force to close due to the 2008 global crisis. Fortunately, bright things come to those who hustle and bustle: 

“The best thing about being a Sun Life Advisor is the fact that I can make a positive impact in the lives of people by giving them resources they need to achieve their goals, whether it’s financial gain, or simply peace of mind.” Amidst all her achievement, she keeps herself grounded by being a constant and avid student of life.