No matter where they are, Overseas Filipinos SHINE with their mastery, hard work, and commitment to family. But who is taking care of them while they provide for their loved ones back home?

As a dependable lifetime financial partner, Sun Life is here to help Overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their families live healthy, prosperous, and secured lives. With the SHINE PINOY OVERSEAS Program, OFs can plot their journey to be home for good – with their loved ones, in a comfortable retirement, and their hard-earned money intact for future generations. Here’s how Shine Pinoy helps set an OF’s homecoming goals into motion:

Overseas Filipino Priority 1: Emergency Funds

OFs worry about emergencies and short-term expenses, especially during unemployment. It is therefore critical to have a fund that is easily accessible, but can also provide returns that are better than traditional savings or checking accounts. An Emergency Fund may be used to keep them afloat while waiting for contract renewal or skills training. It will also come in handy when a loved one gets sick or pass away.

Recommendation: Set aside at least 10% to 20% of your monthly salary to build an Emergency Fund that can cover up to 6 months of monthly expenses. You can use Sun Life Prosperity Funds such as Peso Starter Fund or Dollar Starter Fund for this financial need.

Overseas Filipino Life Priority 2 : Income Continuation and Protection

As breadwinners, Overseas Filipinos provide the lifeblood for their families. While most employers and the Philippine government provide insurance protection when they get on board, OFs must ensure that they are protected at all times.

Recommendation: Secure your future and those of your loved ones even when off-board or upon your homecoming. Getting a life insurance plan is highly recommended, find out more about Sun StartUpSun Safer LifeSun Smarter Life Classic, and Sun Smarter Life Elite.

Overseas Filipino Life Priority 3: Family’s health

Medical and hospitalization costs are on the rise. Even when you are abroad, you constantly worry about your family’s health back home. Yet, it is equally important to look out for your own safety and well-being as well. 

Recommendation: While health benefits from your employer abroad may be sufficient, ensure that you and your family has ample health coverage back home with  Sun First AidSun Fit and WellSun Senior Care, and Sun Cancer Care.

Overseas Filipino Life Priority 4: Funding for Important Milestones

What are your reasons for working abroad? Whether to buy your own property or to fund your kid’s education, the motivation to seek greener pastures is anchored on improving the plight of your loved ones. 

Recommendation: With Sun Life product solutions, you can get closer to achieving your goals compared to traditional means of saving.  Know more about savings and insurance plans such as Sun Dream AchieverSun Acceler8Sun MaxiLink BrightSun MaxiLink PrimeSun FlexiLink and Sun Maxilink 100.

Overseas Filipino Life Priority 5: Retirement 

You want your retirement to be brighter and sooner. Start building your dream retirement with Sun Life through Sun MaxiLink PrimeSun MaxiLink BrightSun Maxilink 100Sun FlexiLinkSun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds 2028Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds 2038 and Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds 2048.

You can also explore a rewarding career with Sun Life should you wish to continue to help  your fellow OFs and their families be financially prepared.

Watch the Sun Talks Overseas Filipino Track webinars.

Surviving the Global Storm by Dr. Alvin Ang Our Overseas Filipinos are among the pandemic’s hardest hit segments. From the loss of jobs and income, to the difficulty in getting back home to their loved ones, the challenges they’ve had to face have been overwhelming. This session gives valuable economic insights and tips as we slowly rise from this pandemic and find our way amid the new normal. We at Sun Life believe that the sun will always shine after the storm.

On Borrowed Time: Making Resilient Money Decisions by Cary Casipit and Pablo Santos, Jr. Resilience is one of the most profound characteristics of our overseas Filipinos, and that quality needs to shine in this pandemic. This session helps our Overseas Filipinos understand why our finances must also be resilient enough to sustain us, especially during a crisis like this.

Be S.A.F.E. A.B.R.O.A.D. by Dr. Ted Esguerra is a detailed approach on practical safety and preparedness for Overseas Filipinos when they are overseas. It talks about safeguarding your health, your body and mind during unprecedented times.

Financial Lessons for Overseas Filipino Parents and Kids by Ben Lebig, Jr. and Izabella Lebig highlights the importance of involving not just the breadwinner or adults but everyone in the family in ensuring the family’s financial security. Each member of the family plays a vital role in pursuing the same goals and should be all working together as one in achieving them.

Bounce Back, Shine On, Overseas Pinoys! by Francis Errol Medina shows a lot on how we all can rebound from this pandemic. This session shows you how to create that financial plan that will allow you to shine on and come home for good!

Investing Basics for Overseas Filipinos by Randell Tiongson. Learn valuable financial values and insights from Mr. No Nonsense Personal Finance himself.

Home for Good: An OFW Couple's Story by Engr. Bernard and Rhea Anduyon. Watch the inspiring journey of a Filipino married couple based in Qatar as they achieve their ultimate goal: to come home for good.

Balancing Work and Business as a Seafarer by Engr. Arjay Magpantay. Running a business while also working at sea is possible with the right mindset, proper planning and tools.

Elevating traditions for the financially-free Overseas Filipino - Randell Tiongson and Cary Casipit

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Kwentong Kaakbay Overseas Filipino: Jenny & Jimuel

With proper financial planning and guidance from their trusted advisor, Overseas Filipino couple Jenny & Jimuel are now home for good. In their own words, they share the challenges and fulfillment of a heard-earned homecoming.