No matter where they are, Overseas Filipinos SHINE with their mastery, hard work, and commitment to family. But who is taking care of them while they provide for their loved ones back home?

As a dependable lifetime financial partner, Sun Life is here to help Overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their families live healthy, prosperous, and secured lives. With the SHINE PINOY Program, OFs can plot their journey to be home for good – with their loved ones, in a comfortable retirement, and their hard-earned money intact for future generations. Here’s how Shine Pinoy helps set an OF’s homecoming goals into motion:


Why are you leaving home? Because you want a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones. As your financial partner, we can help make the sacrifice worth it.

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What are the goals you are working hard for? From education to health, you need a good financial plan in place. We can help make your hard work count.

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How do you imagine your retirement years? Whether traveling the world or pursuing a new passion, you need enough funds to make it happen. 

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Get expert financial advice for OFWs like you

Sign up with the Shine Pinoy Overseas Program so we can match you with an expert to help you start your ‘Home for Good’ journey. You may avail of these Sun Life solutions before leaving the country to work abroad, while you are in the Philippines, or as a returning resident. Let Sun Life be a part of your journey towards a secure and prosperous future.

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Kwentong Kaakbay Overseas Filipino: Jenny & Jimuel

With proper financial planning and guidance from their trusted advisor, Overseas Filipino couple Jenny & Jimuel are now home for good. In their own words, they share the challenges and fulfillment of a heard-earned homecoming.