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Our rewards and benefits

Enjoy a rewarding career under the Sun.

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Sun Life offers a rewarding career with a competitive compensation package Sun Life offers a rewarding career with a competitive compensation package

Enjoy a rewarding career under the Sun.

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Our Rewards

We offer our employees a fair and competitive compensation package and a rewarding career in line with their job, skills and performance.

Every year, we compare our remuneration practices with other multinational and large local financial services companies in the Philippines to ensure the competitiveness of our total compensation package.

We compensate based on the value of the job of individual employees. Wherever you work across the Philippines, the respective income will reflect the level of responsibilities and accountabilities within the Sun Life Philippines.

Sun Life recognizes and rewards achievements and results in line with our “Pay for Performance” policy. Through your performance, you will be able to directly influence your compensation. Here, we reward exceptional job performance and provide support that would help you accomplish your goals.

Our Benefits

Together with a competitive package, we grant our employees with benefit packages to help address everyday needs and assist them in achieving financial security.

The following benefits are given to employees:

  • Group medical coverage
  • Vacation and sick leaves
  • Various employee loan programs
  • Retirement plan
  • Group life insurance
  • Opportunities to purchase company's insurance and wealth management products

Our Learning and Development Programs

We highly encourage and support your development in order to strengthen your personal and professional competencies. Whenever you are just starting your career with Sun Life Philippines or already a seasoned professional, we offer competency-based programs that fit your needs, keep you challenged, and cultivate your full potential so you can achieve your business and career goals.

At Sun Life Philippines, the range and diversity of positions available are wide and vast. Whether you’re just starting out in the corporate ladder or at the peak of your career, there is a niche for you waiting to be carved.

As a new hire, you will undergo a comprehensive on-boarding program to facilitate your adjustment to your new workplace. You will also receive functional and technical specific training based on your role.

These programs include:

  • Skill-based classroom training
  • Online learning
  • Structured self-study materials

After you’ve been in your role for a year and have met performance expectations, you can also participate in our internal recruitment program. This is our internal resourcing facility that allows an employee to apply for other openings within the company. This is your chance to explore the new opportunities within the company based on personal interests and career aspirations.

Throughout your career at Sun Life, you will have access to various competency-based development programs, including:

  • Competency-based learning and development programs for staff, individual contributors and people managers
  • Global and local leadership development programs
  • Technical training programs
  • Tuition assistance programs

Underpinning these development programs is the Global Career Framework that will help you better understand the competencies you need to succeed in your current and in any role you might be interested to pursue within the organization.

You can participate in our Industry-related designation program to become a certified professional in the insurance industry by taking courses offered by various insurance educational institutions like the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), an international insurance industry designation program. We cover the cost of materials, and award monetary incentives for passing the exams and achieving the designation.

Sun Life is a multinational company with offices all over the world. Our training does not remain in the walls of our local office. As needed, we send our employees to our other offices to share and learn best practices from counterparts

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