Growth Plus Fund

Diversify your equity investment to manage risk and boost potential gains with Growth PLUS Fund.

Growth Plus Fund is offered as a fund option exclusive to Sun FlexiLinkSun FlexiLink 1Sun FlexiLink AssistSun MaxiLink PrimeSun MaxiLink Bright, and Sun MaxiLink One which are investment-linked life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission1.

The Fund aims to maximize returns through a combination of long-term capital growth and current income by investing in a portfolio of high-quality Philippine listed equity and equity-linked securities that yield dividends.

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Benefit from a wealth of advantages

  • Better possible returns.
    Unlike traditional savings with fixed interest rates, investments in dividend-paying equity instruments provide higher potential earnings. The dividends that this Fund receives may assist in augmenting stock price growth or in limiting downside risk.
  • Professional portfolio management
    You have Sun Life Financial’s investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you.
  • Liquidity
    Growth Plus Fund units can be redeemed on any business day..
  • Diversification
    Your investment is placed in a wide selection of dividend-paying stocks depending on the optimal number of stocks as required by the strategy, reducing over-all risk.
  • Active fund management
    The Fund adopts an Active Portfolio Management Strategy that gives flexibility for the Fund to swiftly reallocate assets within dividend-paying equity securities and be exposed to high-quality and financially-stable companies.

1Growth Plus Fund is not a security