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Are you a growth investor?

You are primarily concerned with long-term capital appreciation with some income. You are willing to accept substantial price fluctuations, and capital stability is only a minor concern.  You can keep your money invested in the long-term. 


Investment options for the growth investor:

Dollar Advantage Fund

Dollar Advantage Fund

  • Leverages on your dollars
  • Taps foreign stocks & bonds
Dollar Advantage Fund
Sun Life Prosperity World Income Fund

World Income Fund

  • Global multi-asset feeder fund
  • Potential monthly payouts
World Income Fund

Disclaimer: This material is for your reference only and does not constitute advice given by Sun Life. Please review your financial needs depending on your personal situation and objectives. Clients who will open an account online or via the individual account opening form (physically or digitally) will initially see three (3) risk profiles only (Conservative, Moderately Aggressive, and Aggressive) due to ongoing system enhancements. Our system, online tools, and forms will soon reflect the five (5) risk profiles (Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Growth, and Aggressive).

 For questions or assistance, kindly consult your Sun Life Mutual Fund Advisor. Thank you.