Nurture your wealth through a balanced investment environment and enjoy better potential returns with the Balanced Fund

Investment option for policyholders of the VUL products:
Sun FlexiLink, Sun MaxiLink Prime, and Sun MaxiLink Bright 1

The Balanced Fund is designed to provide optimum returns by investing in a mix of bonds and stocks from both domestic and foreign issuers.

The benefits of investing in the Balanced Fund:

  • Provides strength through investment diversification.
    You have exposure to all the major asset classes in one fund. Stocks give you higher growth potential while cash and bonds provide greater stability in your investments.
  • Achieves a diversified portfolio with low minimum investment.
    It would take an estimated minimum of Php 5 million in individual investments to get appropriate diversification in a portfolio. With the Balanced Fund, the benefits of full diversification could be achieved by pooling individual investments from other VUL policyholders.
  • Professional fund management.
    You have Sun Life Financial's investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you in order to maximize your potential returns.

1 These products are investment-linked life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission. The Balanced Fund is not a security. This Balanced Fund is distinct from Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Philippine Balanced Fund, which is a mutual fund registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.