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Sun FlexiLink

Build your funds for future needs with Sun FlexiLink

Sun FlexiLink is an affordable investment-linked life insurance plan perfect for the budget-conscious, but forward-looking Filipinos. Through this, you get the combined benefit of life insurance protection and investment, providing financial security and peace of mind while you grow your money over time. Sun FlexiLink offers an easy way to prepare better for your dream trip, new business and other life goals.

Sun FlexiLink is an affordable investment-linked life insurance plan that enables you to build a fund for a comfortable retirement. Alongside the insurance coverage it provides, Sun FlexiLink offers investment options that will allow your money to grow over time, which you can use to enjoy your golden years.


Sun FlexiLink is an affordable investment-linked life insurance plan that enables you to build an education fund for your child’s future. Alongside the insurance coverage it provides, Sun FlexiLink offers investment options that will allow your money to grow over time. This will help meet your child’s school expenses and secure your family’s future no matter what happens.

Benefits of Sun FlexiLink:

  • Life insurance coverage

Secure your loved ones' future with guaranteed life insurance benefit equivalent to at least your plan’s Face Amount, which goes to your family in the event of untimely demise. The amount can be used to help your family in their daily expenses and to ensure that they can still fulfill the dreams you have planned together.

You may also add supplemental benefits or riders to provide additional protection for contingencies such as accidents, disability and illnesses.

  • Flexible investment options

Choose among the investment fund options to address your different investment objectives and risk appetite.

  • Professional fund management

Take advantage of Sun Life's professional fund managers' investment experience and expertise.

  • Funds for future needs

Build funds for your child's education, a comfortable retirement, or an important life milestone. In case of an emergency, money comes in handy via a partial fund withdrawal.

  • Manageable premium payments

You may opt to increase your fund’s value anytime through top-ups or excess payments on top of your regular premium.

  • Loyalty bonus

Keep your policy active for at least 10 years and reap rewards in the form of Loyalty Bonus. The bonus can be used as an additional source of fund to boost your investment or simply to help you achieve your dreams faster. Loyalty bonus is not guaranteed and depends on several factors including the fund’s average monthly balance.


NOTE: Benefits indicated above are subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract

Sun FlexiLink is suitable for those belonging to the following life stages:

Getting Started Icon Getting Started Icon

Getting Started

Aiming for independence and handling your own finances

Moving Up Icon Moving Up Icon

Moving Up

Life-changing events prompt you to prioritize family above all

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