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  • The estimated education cost provided is for reference and illustration purposes only. It is based on the average annual tuition fee of top tier, mid-tier and state universities. There is no guarantee that the information is accurate.
  • Tuition is based on 2021 tuition fees with an increase of 10% national average for 2017, as approved by the CHED.
  • Future estimates of tuition fees from 2022 up to 2040 use the 10% national average for 2017, year-on-year. Calculation does not include other university expenses (books, living and lodging expenses).
  • State Universities offer FREE tuition and scholarship grants to students. Tuition fees indicated here are based on full option-to-pay arrangement.
  • Interest projection is .23% based on average savings bank annual percentage rate (APR).
  • This does not constitute a proposal, solicitation or financial advice. Sun Life makes no representation or warranties as to its completeness or accuracy, nor is it responsible for any consequent damage that may arise from its usage. You may talk to a Sun Life Financial Advisor for a comprehensive financial needs review.