Global Income Fund

Invest in foreign fixed-income instruments with the Global Income Fund

Global Income Fund is offered as a fund option exclusive to Sun MaxiLink Dollar OneSun FlexiDollar and Sun FlexiDollar1, which are investment-linked life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission.

The Fund is invested only in foreign currency-denominated high-quality fixed income and fixed income-linked instruments that are classified as average to below average risk.

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Benefits from a wealth of advantages:

  • Easy access.
    An investor gains easy access to global fixed income funds that may not be easy to invest in for the ordinary individual.
  • Better possible returns.
    Unlike traditional savings that usually provide fixed interest rates, investment in the fixed income instruments may fully maximize the earning potential of your investment.
  • Professional fund management.
    You have Sun Life Financial's investment experience, commitment and research capabilities working for you in order to maximize your potential returns.
  • Liquidity.
    Global Income Fund units can be redeemed on any business day2.

1 The Global Income Fund is not a security.