Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus

Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus provides health benefits that are specific to women's needs.

Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus are insurance plans that are designed especially for women. Both plans provide life insurance coverage to secure your loved ones future against life uncertainties. Both also provide health protection benefits that can help cushion the financial impact caused by any of the covered female-specific illnesses and surgeries.


Benefits of Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus:

  • Life insurance coverage
    Give yourself peace of mind with a life insurance coverage equal to the Face Amount to ensure your loved ones’ future no matter what happens.Boost your plan with the addition of riders that provide added protection in the event of contingencies such as accidents, disability and critical illness.
  • Female critical illness benefit
    Worry less about the financial impact brought by female-specific illnesses and surgeries such as cancer, osteoporosis and hysterectomy to name a few.
  •  Health and Wellness benefits

During the first ten (10) years of coverage, take advantage of a total of five (5) free diagnostic or preventive procedures to keep you in shape.

  • Maternity benefits (only for Sun Maiden Plus)

Obtain financial assistance for up to 3 children delivered and in case of pregnancy-related complications.

NOTE: Benefits indicated above are subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract. This product is subject to exclusions and/or provisions on pre-existing conditions and gives you the right to a cooling-off period, as stated in the insurance policy contract.

Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus are suitable for those belonging to this life stage:

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