• Inflation Calculator

    Compute for how much you will need to set aside to afford the future cost of your goal.

    Duration: About 2 min.

  • File a Claim

    Submit your claim request online for quick and easy handling.

    Duration: About 2 min.

  • Sun Life PH mobile app

    Download the Sun Life PH mobile app to manage your account and contact your advisor anytime.

  • Money for Life planner

    Find out how you can achieve your financial wellness based on personality and goals.

    Duration: About 5 min.


  • Expense calculator

    Identify where your money goes and see how much you can save and invest.

    Duration: About 2 min.

  • Investmentality

    Find the best investment for you based on your risk profile.

    Duration: About 2 min.

  • Investment calculator

    See how your money can grow over time using various financial instruments.

    Duration: About 2 min.