Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund

Sun Life Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund picture

Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund is offered as a fund option exclusive to Sun FlexiLink, Sun FlexiLink1, Sun MaxiLink 100, Sun MaxiLink Prime, Sun MaxiLink Bright, and Sun MaxiLink One, which are investment-linked life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commission.

The Fund is denominated in Philippine Peso, but may invest in foreign currency denominated, ESG-focused financial assets, which may include, but are not limited to:  mutual funds and Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), common stocks and other equity-linked securities, such as preferred stock and convertible securities. 

Benefit from a wealth of advantages

  • Building a better world
    Make a difference as you invest in companies and institutions that help resolve environmental and social concerns in alignment with good corporate governance standards.
  • Sustainable growth over time
    Maximize your money’s growth potential, as the Fund invests in high-quality global equity funds that are allocated to companies positioned for long-term financial success and committed to creating a positive impact on the environment and society.
  • Globally diversified portfolio
    Get worldwide access with your Philippine Pesos as the Fund invests in a wide array of established sustainability-focused global funds that are well-diversified across regions and sectors.
  • Active fund management
    Rely on the expertise of our investment professionals, who meticulously explore opportunities to timely reallocate assets, manage potential risks, and align the evolving needs of clients with Sun Life’s sustainability objectives.
  • Liquidity of funds
    Access your funds at your convenience, as the Sun Life Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund units can be redeemed on any business day.

NOTE: The information above is subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract. The policy owner must understand that the investment-linked insurance product, where this fund option is attached to, may be subject to investment risks which could affect the value of the policy. Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund is denominated in Philippine Peso. The foreign currency position of the underlying funds (i.e. PHP vs. USD) is not hedged. Thus, the Fund is fully exposed to foreign currency risk arising from fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates, which could significantly affect the fund value as reflected in the Fund’s Unit Price.  Peso Global Sustainability Growth Fund is not a security or a deposit product.