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BIP Key Employee Protection

As a business owner, you have to protect your business against risks such as losing a key employee. When you rely on key employees for the success of your business, what happens when you lose one? 

Why SMEs need Key Person Insurance

To protect the business from losses due to the untimely death of a key employee

Every business has key players who drive growth and success. Planning for what you’d do without them is an important part of your business continuation strategy – whether you’re just starting out or already expanding operations.
Is there a key employee in your business who, in the event of their untimely death, can create a major disruption that can be very costly for the business?

Identifying your Key People

  • Unique and expert knowledge or skills that could not be completely transferred to another employee
  • Exclusive network and relationships with partners you do business with (e.g. suppliers, investors, creditors, brokers, etc.)

Should this key employee pass away, the business will suffer some financial losses related to:

  • Sourcing & training a replacement
  • The learning curve of the replacement
  • Rebuilding relationships with key partners of the business

With key person insurance, you can transfer the risk of losing a key employee. The life insurance proceeds can help ensure there is liquid capital to allow the company to pay off creditors and cover the cost to the business of the key person’s loss. The availability of cash, along with a sound transition plan can help reassure employees, creditors, suppliers, and customers. 

Our Solution

Sun Safer Life

Sun Safer Life

  • Maximum Protection at an affordable cost
  • Long-term renewability
  • Hassle-free conversion
Sun Safer Life
You may also consider these product solutions for Key Person Insurance
Sun Smarter Life Classic | Income Continuation

SUN Smarter Life Classic

  • Double Insurance Coverage
  • Lifetime Protection
  • Guaranteed Cash Value & Dividend Earnings
SUN Smarter Life Classic
 Sun MaxiLink Prime / Sun MaxiLink Bright / Sun MaxiLink 100

Sun MaxiLink Prime / Sun MaxiLink Bright / Sun MaxiLink 100

  • Insurance with Investment component
  • Offers potential gains over time
  • Flexible investment options
Sun MaxiLink Prime / Sun MaxiLink Bright / Sun MaxiLink 100


1. Benefits indicated above are subject to contestability provisions, exclusions and/or provisions on pre-existing conditions, specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract.

2. Dividend earnings are not guaranteed.

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