It’s love month. This is the time of year when people in relationships are extra thoughtful in finding ways to show their love for their partners. Giving flowers, eating at their favorite restaurants, or having a movie date are the typical ideas of Valentine’s Day dates. However, this only works for people who are not apart. Those in long-distance relationships must take extra efforts to make their significant others feel loved.

For an OFW, frequent traveler, or someone who is often apart from their loved ones, here are some of the “LDR” tips to help express love this Valentine’s Day--and even beyond!

5 Long-distance relationship tips that help express love

1. Be “present.”

It may take a while before physical celebrations can be shared but this shouldn’t be an excuse for presence to not be felt on special occasions. A person in a relationship should not feel alone or abandoned. During important events like Valentine’s Day, there are ways to be “present.” Organize a virtual date night to spend the day “together” even when miles away.

2. Get creative in communicating.

Valentine’s Day is a time when a person expects extra effort from a loved one. Communication is said to be one of the keys to a smooth relationship that’s why it’s regularly done. However, special occasions require added effort. An unplanned video call, a compilation of clips, or a sincere love letter sent online are just some of the things that can affirm love and add excitement to the usual ways that communication is done.

3. Set your eyes on the future.

The situation for those in a long-distance relationship may be difficult for now but sacrifices would be all worth it when both sides are confident about their future. Be vocal about future plans that include your loved one. This is the perfect time to set clear goals, plan the future, and work toward them together.

4. Give special presents.

Valentine’s Day flowers are a usual no-fail present. However, one can take the extra mile with more “matured” presents. For instance, opting for life insurance products rather than expensive gifts exhibits the commitment to prepare for life’s milestones rather than short-lived pleasures. It’s like ticking off bucket list goals and achieving peace of mind when it comes to matters that involve the future.

5. Grab opportunities.

Working overseas has its sacrifices but it comes with rewards too. OFWs are paid higher compared to people who are employed in the same job in the Philippines. The opportunity to earn more should be taken advantage of. It is one of the keys to achieving life goals especially when one is knowledgeable about proper financial management and investing.


Insurance and investment products for OFWs are available to help secure the life and the future of the insured and their loved ones. These products can take care of future goals so they can be home for good and just enjoy life with loved ones.


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Being in a long-distance relationship is a tough road to take. However, there are ways to cut the distance through various expressions of love. You can take the extra mile to make your presence felt. But remember to consider the true value of the presents you buy. Think smart especially with options that can shape your future.