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Live life brighter

Claim 2023 as the brightest year yet-this time, for real!

The new year brings another chance to complete life’s most important goals. If failures happened during the past years, it’s time to do it better and claim 2023 as the best year yet!

New Year is one of the annual events that Filipinos prepare for. Many believe that celebrating it in the grandest way possible could influence one’s fortune for the entire year. Aside from that, hopes are high among Filipinos that as the new year unfolds, there is also a renewed chance for goals to be fulfilled and for the mistakes of the past to be corrected.


Claim 2023 as the best year yet. Here are some of the steps you can take to start strong and own the year ahead.


How to make 2023 your best year ever


1. Start with a goal.

Never underestimate the importance of goal setting. This brings clarity and priority. It also breeds focus so that you will be conscious of the efforts that must be taken in pursuit of your dreams. A clear understanding of goals brings us one step closer to success.

2. Stay motivated.

Motivation is a driving force that can move you forward, no matter what hardships come along the way. While many may see motivation as a cause rather than an effect, it can also be a reward by itself. After all, consistent motivation can help move the needle forward on your plans.

3. Recognize the mistakes of the past.

Mistakes lead to life’s lessons. If you choose to do so, a lot can be learned from previous mistakes. This helps identify areas where more efforts were needed, as well as the wrong decisions that contributed to the failure. While it’s okay to stick with the good ones, make it a point to never commit the same mistakes again.

4. Plan.

Create a roadmap of how 2023 should unfold. Be realistic and set a timeframe. For instance, health-related goals require eating well, engaging in a fitness regimen, and having time for self-care. When it comes to finances, there are lifestyle modifications that must be done. It is also important to check spending to eliminate the wants and focus more on the needs.


Plan for health, wealth, and life goals. These are three important aspects that could impact the fulfillment of goals whatever they may be.

●      Prioritize health. Invest in wellness. Look for health protection plans available to provide the emergency fund when uncertainties strike. 

●      Manage wealth. Find investment opportunities that can preserve and grow your wealth. Sun Life’s Prosperity Fund offers investment options for all types of investors.

●      Get life insurance. No one knows what the future holds. The good news is, you can prepare for whatever it may bring. There is a wide range of life insurance products that can protect the life of the insured as well as his/her family’s future.

5. Track progress.

It is important to know how plans are working to meet the end goal. Track progress to stay on the right path. Constantly monitor how well things are going to create adjustments as needed. It can also keep a person motivated enough to continue despite the difficulties.

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Own the new year and claim that 2023 could be the best year yet! Simple steps can help accomplish great things. Affirmations work especially when accompanied by the right actions and unwavering efforts.


Want to stay on track with your health, wealth, and life plans this 2023? Our financial advisers can help you. Find an advisor today!

The Brighter Life Team The Brighter Life Team


The Brighter Life Team is Sun Life's very own writing team. Sharing their own experiences, goals, and ideas, the Brighter Life Team is ready to make your day brighter.