Welcome to SLAM the SCAM

Whether a seasoned or novice investor, you must learn how to protect your hard-earned money from deceptive practices.

With Sun Life, you can know how to SLAM THE SCAM – a relevant and invaluable series hosted by Matteo Guidicelli on how to spot potential investment fraud and separate the B.R.I.G.H.T. choices from the dubious ones.


Tip 1: What to Ask

Ask the right questions to prevent getting scammed.

Tip 2: What to Avoid

Never fall prey to scams – just remember these red flags.

Tip 3: What to Watch Out For

Spot the difference between a legitimate investment company and a fake one.

Tip 4: When to Think Twice

When in doubt, better to stay safe than sorry.

Tip 5: When to Be Suspicious

If it feels like a scam, then don’t throw caution out the window.

Tip 6: When to Fall Back

Nothing is final and committed until you put a signature on it.