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Enjoy your retirement

Kabayan, be home for good soon

Overseas Filipinos have different reasons why they work abroad – to provide a better life for their loved ones, to give better education for their children, or to retire comfortably in the near future. All these dreams lead to one goal – to be HOME FOR GOOD.

Dahil ang pagiging OFW ay hindi forever, uuwi ka pa rin sa pamilya mo kahit nasaan ka man sa mundo. Sun Life as our overseas Filipinos’ dependable lifetime partner, can help fulfill their dreams for the family, and achieve their home for good goals.

One of the ways our OFs can achieve their goal is through Sun Life’s HOME FOR GOOD FINANCIAL PACKAGES With a wide array of options, our overseas Filipinos can have that peace of mind from the first time they go abroad, until they retire back home or anywhere in the world.

Each plan has solutions suited for every OFW’s need -- savings and investment, health care for the family, education insurance for the kids, a comfortable retirement plan, and peace of mind.


For First-Time OFWs

First-time mo? How to secure your family while working abroad?

Being a first-time OFW brings you a lot of firsts – first time malalayo sa pamilya, first time mag-a-abroad, first time sasakay sa eroplano. OFWs face difficult challenges, like piling debts, bigger financial responsibilities, and homesickness to name a few. As your financial partner, we know these anxieties and concerns, and Sun Life’s suite of life, health and wealth products, can ease up some of your burdens. Secure your family’s welfare bago ka pa mangibang-bansa.

Learn more about being a first-time OFW here.

For Seasoned OFWs

Naka ilang kontrata ka na ba sa ibang bansa? Ilang beses ka na sumakay ng barko? Ilan na sa mga pangarap mo ang natupad sa pag-a-abroad? How to ensure that what you worked hard for through the years are worth it?

We know how much you have endured through the years. As your financial partner, we can assure you that your hard work has paid off, and helped make your sacrifices count. Sun Life can help you and your family achieve your goals continuously.

Learn more about being a seasoned OFW here.

For Retiring OFWs

Ready ka na ba to be home for good? How to find a retirement plan that suits you?

Ang pagiging OFW ay hindi forever and now, you are ready to be home for good. You are now closer to achieving your financial freedom goals. As your financial partner, we can help make your homecoming and retirement what you truly deserve.

Learn more retiring tips for OFWs here.


5 Practical Advice to be Home for Good

Whether you are a first-timer, a seasoned OFW, or a retiring one, let us help you take care of your needs so you can take care of the people that matter to you. Make your overseas experience more valuable with these 5 practices.

1. Be worry-free

Are you worried about paying off your debt or building your savings even before you start working? With your increasing responsibilities and obligations working abroad through the years also increased your loans and debts? Do you want to spend your retirement worry-free of debts and with bigger savings?

With the budget-friendly OFW Peace-of-Mind Package, you have a choice to start your financial plan. Learn more.

2. Invest for unforeseen needs

The world brings so many uncertainties and it is difficult especially when you are far away from your family. Whether it’s a family member getting sick, something that needs fixing at home, or a sudden need of funding; it is best to have something set aside for this. More often than not, these situations happen when your salary or remittances are not yet due. But you don’t have to worry about emergency money for you and your family.

The OFW Grow Your Dollar Investment Fund gives you the assurance of being prepared when unforeseen circumstances happen. Mayroon kang panghuhugutan sa oras ng biglaang pangangailangan! And while you are earning other than Peso, you can alternately place it USD to get better returns than traditional bank products. Learn more.

3. Live your dream

The kids are growing up so fast and before you know it, they will soon be in college. As your lifetime partner, we understand that one of the important reasons why most OFWs work abroad is to provide quality education for your kids or siblings. Providing good education for them is one of your dreams.

You can achieve this dream with the OFW Kid’s Education Plan and start building your kid’s college education fund as early as today. Learn more.

4. Give back

When you leave for abroad, you have most likely entrusted your family under the care of your parents or guardians. And for many years that you have been away, they have taken care of your family as you fulfill your dreams for them. But like you, they are now getting older and we know that this is also one of your greatest concerns.

With the Parent of an OFW Plan, you can give your parents additional protection so they are taken care of as well with your family back home, and spend your retirement with them soon, when you come home for good.

5. Look forward to your homecoming

One of the ultimate dreams of an OFW is to be home for good. It’s never too early to think of your own retirement whether you’re a first-timer or it’s just a few contracts more.

Spend the retirement you deserve – worry-free and home for good with the OFW Retirement Plan, which gives you life insurance coverage and money for your future plans and needs at home or anywhere in the world. Learn more.

Make your OFW experience worth it for you and your family, while achieving your #HomeforGood goals. Want to learn how? Talk to a Sun Life financial advisor today or ask a family member to meet with us here.

Important Note: You may avail of these Sun Life insurance and investment products before leaving the country to work abroad, while you are in the Philippines, or as a returning resident.


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