What does a Sun Life financial advisor do?

An advisor’s job is to help you make well-informed choices for building and protecting your savings for the attainment of your goals. Sun Life Financial advisors trained and underwent professional licensure so that they can offer their expertise in helping you commit to your goals through financial planning.

Our advisors can recommend a personalized plan, based on your needs and goals to fit the life stage you are in, whether you are:

What are the advantages of having a Sun Life financial advisor?

Sun Life Financial advisors consider your specific needs to personalize a plan that is fit for you. They will be able to advise and understand the long-term commitment needed for you to realize your goals for that bright future you want to achieve. They’ll also help you prepare for financial risks and guide you through options to grow your savings.

Your advisor will help you:

  • Assess your financial situation
  • Set achievable financial goals
  • Develop a realistic plan to meet your goals
  • Help you put your plan into action
  • Monitor investments according to your plan regularly
  • Guide you in adjusting your plan as your needs change

Getting expert financial advice from a Sun Life advisor is free and you can meet with one virtually. Anyone can book an appointment with a Sun Life advisor by filling out this form. Being guided by an advisor can help you get more peace of mind and have more understanding of how you can financially adapt to the changing future through consistent steady steps so you and your family are financially protected against life's contingencies. 

Reference: This article is a localized version of Sun Life Canada’s “How a Sun Life Financial advisor can help you.