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Preparing Ahead with passion projects

sun life preparing ahead video

Like Piolo, you are pursuing passion without sacrificing stability and good health. But what happens when life derails the pursuit of your dreams?

Financial security is the foundation of your financial journey, and its importance resonates even more as your net worth grows over time.

This is where you can be like Piolo, who is always ready for the next passion project because of his guaranteed partner for life in Sun Life. Here’s what Sun Life and Piolo recommend:

For passion projects

SUN LEGACY is a life insurance and savings plan with:

  • Guaranteed lifetime annual cash payouts
  • Guaranteed life insurance coverage
  • Potential to earn dividends for additional income stream

Preparing Ahead is where you maintain an established and stable financial portfolio while seizing opportunities to make your money work even harder. After all, you are looking after your own wellbeing as well as those who depend on you.  

What to do when preparing ahead?

Create a spending plan icon Create a spending plan icon

CREATE a conscious spending plan to be more in control of your expenses.

Build an emergency fund icon Build an emergency fund icon

BUILD an emergency fund to safeguard your income and wealth-building in case of illness or injury.

Ensure your future income icon Ensure your future income icon

ENSURE continuous income using a diversified portfolio of financial products.

Prepare a retirement fund icon Prepare a retirement fund icon

PREPARE a passion project fund, whether it’s a new business venture or supporting a charity of your choice.

Save and Invest icon Save and Invest icon

SAVE AND INVEST to fund your ideal retirement while supporting your dependents.

Just like you, Piolo is preparing ahead too. Curious to know who’s Getting Starter and Moving up? Learn more about the other Life Stages.


Ready to make Sun Life your guaranteed partner for life? Let us help you find a Financial Advisor who can find the right solution at any stage in your financial journey.

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