Regardless of how long you’ve been dating or even if you already lived together before getting married, how you manage your money will change after you become legal partners. Each of the spouse's financial decisions and obligations will directly impact the other. Wrong financial moves like getting into bad debt or uncontrolled spending can quickly build resentment between couples.

Here are 5 money moves to keep your finances in order after you tie the knot.


  1. Update and secure important documents and paperwork.
    Once you are married, additional documents become essential when transacting with the government, banks, and businesses. Unlike before when you only had to produce your own paperwork, a spouse's documents are commonly required from a married person. Take care of important documents like your marriage certificate, government forms like SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, and BIR; and make sure that both your legal statuses are updated to married. If either of the spouses have investment and insurance products prior to marriage, review and update account or plan information to include spouse as beneficiary for your life insurance policy or given rights to redeem funds from your mutual fund account.

    No one likes to deal with paperwork but making an effort now will save you from stressful situations when these documents are actually needed (i.e. opening a joint bank account or buying your first home). Newlywed and Sun Life Philippines ambassador, Matteo Guidicelli says that couples can think of this as a fun and enjoyable activity that is part of adulting. "After getting married, my Sun Life advisor called me to update my documents because now I have a wife. It's very new to me but I'm learning through the process. It's fun."


  1. Prepare for life’s uncertainties.
    These days, financial security by having an emergency fund should be a top priority. Setting money aside for unexpected crisis like natural disasters, pandemic, job loss, or health problems, can give couples more peace of mind. Building an emergency fund may be the least romantic activity to think about after your wedding but it can protect your relationship and keep you together even when disaster strikes.


  1. Set clear financial goals.
    Goals change after marriage. Buying a new home and saving for children’s education enter the picture. Matteo says, “Marriage is a continuous journey, it's not a one-time big-time thing. I seek professional help because it's important especially in times like these. It's important that everybody plans for the future.” Newlyweds can get a quick product quote in seconds, without email sign-up required just by visiting the SUN Smarter Life Classic page and using the “Get a Quote” tool.

    There’s a Matteo’s Newlywed Starter Pack that includes the SUN Smarter Life Classic and the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Fund. The SUN Smarter Life Classic provides life insurance coverage and living benefits that can serve as a loanable fund. The policy loan can answer an immediate need for cash instead of couples turning to traditional loans with high interest rates. Also in this pack is the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Fund, a target-dated mutual fund that can help newlyweds grow their money for goals like home ownership or their child's education.


  1. Seek financial advice from experts.
    Husbands and wives can have different perspectives when it comes to financial planning. A financial advisor can help provide a third perspective and help spouses choose the right insurance and investment for their goals. Seeking advice from a professional instead of family and friends will avoid unnecessary conflict and drama in your marriage. It’s easy to connect to a Sun Life advisor, just visit here to get started.


  1. Continue to grow and learn individually.
    "Marriage is living a dream. Everyday is a learning, growing, productive day. It's nice to see yourself and your partner grow. And, to realize that you are learning everyday about yourself and your partner. We have dreams for each other, individually and as a couple." says Matteo. Being married should not mean giving up on your own dreams, whether it is about your career or your financial future. You can be in a happy marriage and still focus on yourself. Aim to nurture and be supportive of one another's aspirations and dreams.


What money moves are you making as a couple? Looking after your finances as a couple will let you and your spouse enjoy a secured future. Make the right financial decisions to keep your marriage happy and successful until death do you part.

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Lace Llanora

Lace Llanora is the grand winner in the 2015 SINAG Awards and second runner up in the 2016 SINAG Awards. She shares ways on how to achieve financial goals and independence on her blog,