Motherhood means redefining yourself to become a mentor, caregiver, disciplinarian, advocate, and role model. Finding time to maintain your individuality can be challenging amid the whirlwind of family life. Thinking about self-care and lifelong health can put you on a journey of rediscovery that you can savor daily, whether you start on Mother's Day or any week of the year.

Taking time for yourself beyond motherhood allows you to develop your resolve when dealing with life as a wo-mom. If you’re looking for ways to live and rediscover life after motherhood here are the habits to get you started.


1. Bond with new and experienced mothers  

Being a mother is not easy, studies show how women’s mental health can be negatively impacted over time due to the responsibilities and challenges of being a parent, wife, and worker. But having long-standing, quality friendships with women who share your experiences can improve a woman’s wellbeing.

Women are more powerful together, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the women you know among your extended family and friends.


2. Rediscover pre-motherhood hobbies and explore new ones

It is never too late to pick up your previous hobbies and discover new ones. Enjoy the benefits that come with sports, such as tennis or golf. You can also participate in group exercises alongside other women such as a Pilates class which has long-term health benefits. Even simple solitary activities such as gardening, knitting, or artmaking have shown to boost memory and mental sharpness

These hobbies are not a waste of time. They elevate your life by helping connect you to others and deepen your self-understanding. 


3. Spend time in nature  

Latest research shows that just being around nature can better your mental wellbeing – whether it's going on a hike, taking a walk in the park, or even having plants near your work desk. Specialized therapies such as nature exposure in plant environments help stimulate positive emotions while also possibly lessening the likelihood of chronic pain.


4. Practice mindfulness for improved stress resistance

Mindfulness covers a broad range of meditation approaches all of which have been shown to improve a person’s resilience when facing adversity. Long time practitioners report that mindfulness practices help improve their mental clarity and work performance. This can take the form of breathwork, body scanning or yoga sessions to help you get in touch with your mind and body. 


5. Gain peace of mind by ensuring your children are well-protected

Ensuring that your children’s future is well-secured financially can be a daunting task to plan. Fortunately, Sun Life has flexible insurance plans that will help build a bright future for your kids, allowing them to establish healthy habits throughout their lives.

Mother’s Day is a reminder for moms everywhere to reclaim themselves. By continuing to grow outside motherhood, women foster inner strength and challenge social norms through their bonds with fellow mothers, rediscovery of old hobbies, nature, and mindfulness practices, or ensuring the financial security of their children.

A mom’s focus on self-care is also a lifetime investment in their family’s healthcare! If you want to invest in your long-term health as a woman, Sun Life offers life insurance plans made for women. Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus provide life insurance coverage to secure your loved ones and health protection benefits for female-specific illnesses and surgeries.

Consult with one of our advisors to help you plan out your life after motherhood today!


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