A recent survey shows an increase in employee attrition in 2023. It reached 15.9% compared to 14.2% in 2022. It also revealed that the most common reasons employees leave are better pay and growth opportunities.

While having a job is one of the essential aspects of living, you must also choose a career path that paves the way for professional growth, improves interpersonal and social skills, and supports your current and future goals. If you’re looking for a job, here are four of the best employee benefits to be on the lookout for.


1. Flexible work options

Mercer's Global Talent Trends (GTT) 2023 Study revealed that a majority or 74% of surveyed organizations in the Philippines implement flexible working arrangements for their employees. Flexibility ranks first among the many good incentives for job hunters to look for as it is a significant determinant of  job satisfaction.

A job with a rigid schedule can cause stress while flexible work options entail work-life balance. It impacts overall well-being as it affects physical, emotional, and mental health. You would rather be in a job that helps you to be more engaged and productive at work while helping you maintain a sound personal life.

2. Incentives and bonuses

Getting your efforts rewarded brings a sense of belonging. It gives the assurance that your efforts will not go unnoticed. Incentives can fuel you to do better and stay focused on your goals. They are more than just additional benefits. Employee rewards and bonuses can motivate you to do your best when dealing with responsibilities. They can help bring out the best in you by developing a competitive attitude and increasing the desire to conquer greater heights in your profession.

3. Wellness programs

A 2022 study shows that Filipino workers experience more stress than the global average. Stress impacts productivity and could have adverse health effects. As many Filipinos already experience anxiety and burnout, you would want to be in a company with wellness programs that take care of your health too. Once employed, expect huge job responsibilities to be on your shoulders. You’d be in a better position with a company that can help manage your load and empower you to be a top performer through their wellness programs.

4. Career advancement programs

Career advancement programs make it easier for you to decide to stay in a company for keeps. You can spare yourself from quiet-quitting and job-hopping as greater opportunities emerge for the taking. A company that supports career advancement will unleash your potential and help you grow as a professional. Landing a job is just the initial step to a brighter future. You must still strive for career growth in the profession you’re in. With the right company, you’d be on the right track.


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