Taking the relationship to the next level is the dream of most couples. For them, marriage is the ultimate goal, as this is the fulfillment of the relationship you’ve nurtured through the years. However, don’t be in a rush and overlook the things that truly matter. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and the recipe for its success includes some essential steps before you say your “I Dos.”


The state of marriages in the Philippines

Love is a rollercoaster ride – it has its ups and downs. While some may think marriage seals the deal, it isn’t always the case for those who fail to overcome the pitfalls in their relationship. A survey conducted by the PSA in 2020 showed that 400,000 individuals divorced, separated, or annulled their marriage. 

Although several factors cause marriages to fail, financial issues are among the most common. If you are preparing to tie the knot, you can also dictate your financial journey as a couple by planning it now.

Your pre-wedding checklist should cover important aspects like your finances. Here’s what you and your significant other can do to set your journey to married life.


1. Nurture a positive relationship with each other’s families.

Starting a new chapter with your significant other also signals the merging of two families. It's not just your loved one that you must embrace and welcome into your life. Your families also play a part in the success of your relationship.

Invest time and effort to nurture your relationship with them. Aside from the chance to get to know them better, this will help you build your support group. These are the people who can help mend differences when your relationship goes through a rough patch. They can be the source of valuable life advice when you and your partner encounter problems in the future. Aside from your soon-to-be spouse, your family – and your “extended family” - can also be the source of unconditional love.


2.    Compare your views about spending and saving for long-term goals.

You and your partner should be comfortable discussing your finances. It is an important topic that both of you should pay attention to. As early as possible, discuss how you can work your way towards achieving your goals. Assess your financial compatibility to know if you are on the same page when it comes to spending, managing debts, and saving. It will give you an overview of how your life goals match.

Rule out your similarities and differences early on in your relationship. If you plan to stay together for keeps, you’d be in a better position with a partner who has a positive attitude towards finances. 

Include in your pre-wedding checklist an appointment with a financial advisor who can help work out your incompatibilities and work towards your goals.  Share the willingness to achieve financial compatibility. A neutral party can guide you both in taking the next steps. Improving your financial outlook can impact the longevity of your relationship and prevent possible marital conflicts in the future. Money may not be the be-all and end-all but it affects how bright and secure your future as a couple will be.


3.    Account for your retirement goals and healthcare plans for a secure future.

Financial planning can help you and your partner achieve your life goals. While both of you may not be nearing retirement age yet, planning early will give you a headstart and help you prepare for life’s surprises as a couple.

Set an organized plan of action and timeline to work on your retirement goals. Doing it now will help you stay on track of your goals. It is one way to live happily ever after and fulfill your vows. Your pre-wedding planning checklist should not be limited to short-term goals. Plan together to live happily ever after even after your peak years so you can look forward to a brighter future with the one you love.

Sun Life can help you and your future spouse enjoy an inspired and financially free retirement. The pension you expect may not be enough to cover your retirement needs, but you can still worry less and continue living the life you dreamt of. Secure your future with a retirement insurance plan that can give you and your family peace of mind during your golden years.

Choose from a wide range of retirement insurance products that offer coverage for up to 100 years old! Ask one of our advisors to know the retirement plan that suits you.


A successful marriage is backed by different factors that create a solid foundation for a relationship. Nurture your love by keeping your communication open, having mutual understanding, and sharing life goals. Give your pre-wedding planning checklist the right amount of thought. Marriage is a major step and you cannot skip the things that will make a huge impact on your future.

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