One aspect of a strong and long-lasting relationship is planning as a couple. This demonstrates love, trust, and a commitment to working toward the same goals as life partners. Financial planning for couples is an important component that can help to manage their money without straining the relationship.

According to the newest brand ambassador of Sun Life, Sarah Geronimo, “There are many learnings and discoveries once you are married.” Therefore, life partners must work together to achieve the same financial goals. Here are some practical tips on financial planning for couples like you to have a stable future for your family:


Set short and long-term goals

One of the useful tips on financial planning for couples is to set short and long-term goals that they can mutually agree on. This gives life partners something to work hard for. Saving and investing as a couple could also help them prepare for unexpected life events. As Sarah advised, “Invest your money, no matter how small the amount”.

Long-term plans are important but smaller goals must not be overlooked. These include the simple pleasures that couples can enjoy doing together and bring happy memories. Sarah, away from the limelight, wants simple essentials in life. She shared, “Nakakatuwa na nakakapag-travel kaming mag-asawa. Basta mayroon kaming sapat na funds sa pag-travel namin, okay na ako. I’m okay basta makakain kami nang maayos. Kahit wala na iyong material things.”


Put the financial plan into action

Goals will only materialize if couples put their plans in motion. It is necessary to implement financial planning the moment a good opportunity comes, like starting a business to grow your wealth.


Part of Sarah and Matteo’s preparations for the future is getting into businesses like G Productions and G Studios. Sarah shares their latest endeavors, “May mga nakikitaan kami ng potential sa mga artists that we feel kulang ng push to maximize their capabilities. May music offers sa akin pero may maiisip akong certain artist na mas bagay. Sabi ko, Love, it’s nice that in the future na maging involved din tayo sa production ng anumang project.”


Seek financial advice from credible professionals

Selecting a trusted financial advisor is an important part of financial planning for couples. Look for someone who tries to know the couple’s goals, lifestyles, and financial status. The financial advisor can suggest suitable life insurance and investment options. Sarah advised, “Don’t be afraid to seek help from the experts and partner with a credible brand no less than the no. 1 life insurance, Sun Life.”   


Choose a reliable insurance company

Looking for a trusted insurance company with a good reputation and diverse products to suit your situation is important. It can bring peace of mind knowing that the future of loved ones and family is financially secure.

 For couples who are experiencing life-changing events but aim to prioritize family above all else, as well as those who wish to secure their health while  planning for retirement, Sun Life offers SUN Smarter Life Elite which is a protection and savings plan that provides double life insurance coverage throughout a person’s lifetime. It also gives additional cash benefits that can be used to help fund a child’s or children’s education needs.

In need of good financial advice on how to plan for the future? Connect with a Sun Life financial advisor who can help you achieve your goals for you and your family today!


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