According to a study, 36% of people who plan a marriage proposal consider Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day to do it. However, it’s not just about knowing the most suitable date. It is also important to look at the critical aspects of your union as this is a life-changing event.

There is more to sort through than just the wedding essentials. The proposal happens in a day but the changes that it will bring will affect a lifetime. To help you, here are some of the marriage advice tips that can help secure the best interests of couples.

Marriage advice tips for engaged couples

Disclose financial circumstances.

In any relationship, honesty is important. Anyone planning to tie the knot and spend a lifetime with another should disclose important facts before the exchange of vows. The disclosure of financial circumstances presents a clear look at assets and liabilities. Aside from the assurance of having mutual feelings, one shouldn’t be careless about one’s financial maturity, as well as the financial risks of getting into marriage. As much as learning about one’s assets, it is also essential to be honest about credits and liabilities to know how they can be handled moving forward.

Start saving.

Money can be tight for young people, as well as those who are still getting started with their careers. When money becomes a problem during the early stages of marriage, it causes misunderstandings and arguments, which may arise and affect young relationships. Start saving now and aim for financial stability as individuals. Don’t wait to do it together to create a strong and sound financial status once married.

Set a budget.

Getting married could get so expensive. Set aside a budget for the big day and stick to it. Visualize the day. Would it be simple or grand? The preferred wedding ideas of couples will impact their budgets. Set realistic plans and don’t exceed the desired budget as much as possible. Remember that expenses don’t end on the wedding day. In fact, it is just the start of many shared financial responsibilities. Don’t go broke to give way to expensive wedding plans. Think about the future and start married life on the right foot.

Discuss financial goals.

Couples who are engaged should be prepared for more mature conversations. After all, this is a stage when the future is already at stake. Goals should be clear and must be shared with your partner for life.

Learning each other’s financial goals will help in priority setting. It will allow them to learn about the things that they aspire for at this stage, so they can be on the same page when it comes to financial matters. There are different financial aspects that must be discussed for couples to be prepared for life milestones. Some of them include:


●      Long-term career goals

●      Renting or buying a home

●      Growing money through investments

●      Support for aging parents

●      Retirement plans

●      Joint accounts

●      Pre-nuptial agreement


Money matters are important.

Discussions about money issues should be routine for couples. It sets a clear path for financial planning and helps secure a brighter future. It opens discussions that can prevent money-related problems in the future.


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Marriage is a big step that impacts the future. Aim for mental and financial preparedness before getting married. Solve common issues with money before taking the big step through financial planning. At the same time, seek opportunities together to be in control of your future and stay on track to achieving your goals.