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Are you ready to Play for Life?

Life is a game. Always make the bright choice with a Partner for Life.

Whichever way the dice may roll, the power of choice makes a difference. ​

By being financially prepared, you are putting yourself in the best position to turn the odds to your favor. This means navigating life on your own terms, guided by your own choices.​

After all, you need to deal with worries that keep majority of Filipinos awake at night*:​

  • 83% fret losing a source of stable income​
  • 80% concerned about their financial well-being​
  • 79% think of hospitalization expenses in case of emergencies


*Source: Insurance Asia Forum 2023, Ernest & Young


but you can keep on playing if you’re prepared for emergencies​.




may not seem easy ​
until you focus on securing a stable future. ​




even when you get stalled so long as you stay on track ​on your financial journey.​



Sometimes, the best thing is to know that you’re not alone. Because life becomes a beautiful game with a Partner for Life.

Find your BRIGHT Partner with our Talk to an Advisor form

A Sun Life Advisor will help you find the right solutions at any stage in your financial journey. Let us help you find your partner for life.

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