When it comes to your health, never take chances.

Filipinos know very well the draining cost of health emergencies - lalo na kapag kailangan nang galawin ang savings. Mahirap mag-recover from a critical illness and financial ruin at the same time. This is where having health insurance can shield you and your loved ones from possible financial problems due to illness.

STROKE STRIKES! May funds ka ba for medical bills? 

Get covered with Sun LifeAssure

CANCER SCARES! Mauubusan ng savings to fight the Big C?

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HEART ATTACK! May sakit ang puso, pati ang bulsa?

Worry no more with Sun Fit and Well Advantage

  • Remember that the only thing worse than getting sick, is the cost of getting well.

Be ready for life’s emergencies with Sun Life health care insurance so you can get the coverage you need when uncertainties strike.

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