Mother’s Day comes once a year and there are different ways to honor mothers on this special occasion so there’s no limit to showing them much-deserved appreciation. Making an extra effort for our moms may not be enough to fully repay them for all their sacrifices and love, however, the mere thought that they are appreciated makes all the difference.

Aside from flowers and cakes, there are other smart and practical ways to express your love and thoughtfulness.

1.    Support her interests

Moms tend to sacrifice their interests to focus on taking care of the family. Fortunately, it’s not yet late for them to relive their interests. As her child, you can express your support by knowing her favorite hobbies, providing materials for the activities that she enjoys, and even joining her if she’d like some company.


2.    Create more experiences

Physical gifts are nice, but experiences are more precious. Experiences may be in the form of a quick vacation or trying activities together. Be specific in choosing activities that she enjoys whether it is as simple as eating out in a restaurant or engaging in challenging activities like surfing or wakeboarding—these will create memories that will forever be treasured.


3.  Donate to a cause she supports

Moms are very passionate and usually have a soft spot for different advocacies. Donating under her name for a cause that she supports is one way to honor them. It also shows that their dedication is truly valued by the important people in her life.


4.    Give the gift of time

For mothers, spending time with their children is a gift that cannot be bought. In this special day, they would appreciate a visit and some quality time with their children. For them, the gift of time is precious and would be very much cherished.


5.    Secure her health and future

As they take on the hardest but most fulfilling job in the world, they deserve to have the gift of health protection and security that they need. Sun Life’s Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus will help bring them peace of mind.

For younger mothers, Sun Life Prosperity Funds is one of the investments to explore. On the other hand, Sun Senior Care is an ideal Mother’s Day gift for moms who are nearing their senior years or those who are 50 to 70 years of age.

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration that intends to celebrate motherhood. While moms would appreciate anything that has been put together for them, it would be great if we give them gifts that can have a lasting impact on their lives. Sun Life Philippines offers life insurance, investment products, and health insurance plans that are suited for mothers. Talk to one of our licensed financial advisors to know your options on how you can honor your mom.

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