Hustle culture made a norm out of working long hours and getting double jobs even to the point of sacrificing self-care. For some, burnout culture became a surefire way to succeed. While it may be true that giving work all the time and attention has its rewards, it has its downsides too, especially when self-care is sacrificed.

Self-care should remain a priority regardless of a busy schedule. It should not be overlooked as it plays an important role in life. While some may think that it is unnecessary and expensive, there are actually self-care tips that won’t break the bank.

Self-care tips that won’t leave you broke

Shop wisely.

“Pay yourself first.” There’s nothing wrong with that. Reward hard work once in a while by shopping for needs and wants. However, do it wisely. It isn’t smart to shop without being mindful of how money is spent.

●      Set a budget. Don’t spend money that you can’t afford to lose. Set a budget and make sure that it won’t negatively impact regular expenses.

●      Prioritize. Shop the most important ones. Make sure that enough budget is allotted for things that matter most.

●      Spot discounts. Don’t miss products on sale. There are gems at the discount counter.

●      Choose quality. It’s better to spend a bit more on things that can prove their value for a longer period.

●      Think it over. Don’t fall for impulse buying. Give it a thought and evaluate if it’s worth it.


Give in to cravings.

Whether it’s food, accessory, or a trip, it’s okay to spend on things that can help with self-preservation. It’s not easy to resist the urge to spend on something. When extra money is already available don’t be guilty give in. It's a reward for doing a great job and having the patience to wait.

Make health a priority.

Too much work can take a toll on health. Do not disregard the importance of wellness. Good health is key to achieving life goals.

●      Regular check-up is a must. Even with no symptoms, visit a doctor for annual check-ups to be spared from serious problems and bigger expenses related to illnesses.

●      Go for healthy options. Food choices impact overall wellness. Replace junk food with healthy snacks. Stick to a balanced diet to meet your nutritional needs.

●      Stay fit. Daily walks won’t cost a thing in the same way that sunlight contributes to good health at no expense. Avoid excuses. Stick to a fitness routine as much as you can.


Get insured.

Life is brighter when health and wealth are both given priority. Sun Life offers life insurance and health protection plans for people who want to prepare for life’s emergencies and have a brighter life. Insurance is not just for people who earn excessively. There are affordable life and health insurance plans that are suited for ordinary Filipinos. Talk to a financial advisor to know the best options.


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Self-care is not an option. It is necessary for self-preservation. Some people may be held back from doing self-care due to the fear of going broke. But there are self-care strategies that can be followed without breaking the bank. Take a moment for self-pampering even when life gets busy and continue living a better life.


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