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Seasoned OFW

You may avail of these Sun Life insurance and investment products before leaving the country to work abroad, while you are in the Philippines, or as a returning resident.

Seasoned OFW | Shine Pinoy OFW Retirement Plan

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Financial freedom for Filipinos who are seasoned OFWs – those who have endured years of being away from their loved ones – is about making their sacrifice count. At this point in their working life, their financial plan must include life insurance, health insurance, and investments like mutual funds.

Below are five Sun Life insurance and packages that a seasoned OFW like you can add to your financial plan:


OFW Peace-of-Mind Package
Sun Life Peace of Mind Package | Shine Pinoy OFW Financial Plan

Even if you are a seasoned OFW, are you still paying off debt or just starting to build your savings? Start your financial plan today with affordable choices like SUN SMARTER LIFE CLASSIC and SUN LIFE PROSPERITY PESO STARTER FUND


OFW Grow your Dollar Investment Fund
Grow Your Dollar Investment Fund | Shine Pinoy OFW Emergency Fund

Through the years, your family has counted on you during emergencies. Are you prepared for these situations? Ask a family member to open a SUN LIFE PROSPERITY DOLLAR STARTER FUND and build an Emergency Fund with bigger potential returns than traditional bank products. Know more about SUN LIFE PROSPERITY DOLLAR STARTER FUND.


OFW Kid’s Education Plan
OFW Kids Education Plan | Sun Dream Achiever Educational Plan

Are you working hard abroad to secure the future of your new baby? With SUN DREAM ACHIEVER, you can start as early as today to build your kid’s college education fund. You will have life insurance coverage, funds for future endeavors, and money to secure your kid’s future. Check out SUN DREAM ACHIEVER.


Parent of an OFW Plan
Parent of an OFW Plan | Shine Pinoy Health Insurance for Parents Philippines

For years, is one of your biggest worries that something may happen to your parent back home? OFWs like you and Lisa can give them additional protection with SUN SENIOR CARE. Your parent can have life insurance coverage and funds in case of critical illness. Check out SUN SENIOR CARE.


OFW Retirement Plan
OFW Retirement Plan | Shine Pinoy Abroad

How does your dream retirement look like? Whether you want a homecoming or plan to settle in a new place, you need to have enough funds for this life stage. SUN MAXILINK PRIME gives you life insurance coverage and money for future needs. Check out SUN MAXILINK PRIME.


With these life insurance and investment packages for Overseas Filipinos like you, we hope you can start your journey towards financial security TODAY. In case you want to learn more about Sun Life's Shine Pinoy Overseas Program, you can explore the solutions and tools that every seasoned OFW like you should know:

Get expert financial advice for OFWs like you

Sign up with the Shine Pinoy Overseas Program so we can match you with an expert to help you start your ‘Home for Good’ journey. You may avail of these Sun Life insurance and investment solutions for OFWs before leaving the country to work abroad, while you are in the Philippines, or as a returning resident. Let Sun Life be a part of your journey towards a secure and prosperous future.

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