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You may avail of these Sun Life insurance and investment products before leaving the country to work abroad, while you are in the Philippines, or as a returning resident.

Home for Good Tools | Shine Pinoy OFW Life Insurance and Retirement Plan

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Nowadays, Overseas Filipinos and their families are empowered to learn how they can make money work harder for them. With a financial plan, which includes life insurance and investment, they feel more secured in pursuing their goals.

As a trusted financial partner, Sun Life wants to help. Below is a list of educational videos that can inspire and instruct them in their journey. 


Watch the videos from our Partner for Overseas Track Webinar


Surviving the Global Storm by Dr. Alvin Ang

Our Overseas Filipinos are among the pandemic’s hardest-hit segments. From the loss of jobs and income, to the difficulty in getting back home to their loved ones, the challenges they’ve had to face have been overwhelming. This session gives valuable economic insights and tips as we slowly rise from this pandemic and find our way amid the new normal. We at Sun Life believe that the sun will always shine after the storm.



On Borrowed Time: Making Resilient Money Decisions by Cary Casipit and Pablo Santos, Jr.
Resilience is one of the most profound characteristics of our overseas Filipinos, and that quality needs to shine in this pandemic. This session helps our Overseas Filipinos understand why our finances must also be resilient enough to sustain us, especially during a crisis like this.



Be S.A.F.E. A.B.R.O.A.D. by Dr. Ted Esguerra is a detailed approach on practical safety and preparedness for Overseas Filipinos when they are overseas. It talks about safeguarding your health, your body and mind during unprecedented times.



Financial Lessons for Overseas Filipino Parents and Kids by Ben Lebig, Jr. and Izabella Lebig highlights the importance of involving not just the breadwinner or adults but everyone in the family in ensuring the family’s financial security. Each member of the family plays a vital role in pursuing the same goals and should be all working together as one in achieving them.



Bounce Back, Shine On, Overseas Pinoys! by Francis Errol Medina shows a lot on how we all can rebound from this pandemic. This session shows you how to create that financial plan that will allow you to shine on and come home for good!



Investing Basics for Overseas Filipinos by Randell Tiongson
Learn valuable financial values and insights from Mr. No Nonsense Personal Finance himself.



Home for Good®: An OFW Couple's Story by Engr. Bernard and Rhea Anduyon
Watch the inspiring journey of a Filipino married couple based in Qatar as they achieve their ultimate goal: to come home for good.



Balancing Work and Business as a Seafarer by Engr. Arjay Magpantay
Running a business while also working at sea is possible with the right mindset, proper planning and tools.

If you are ready to share your own financial success, or help fellow Overseas Filipinos do the same, you can also explore a rewarding career with Sun Life.



Home For Good® Solutions

Are you ready to learn more about the financial topics discussed in the playlist? Explore our Home For Good® solutions to help you get started.

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Sign up with the Shine Pinoy Overseas Program so we can match you with an expert to help you start your ‘Home for Good’ journey. You may avail of these Sun Life insurance and investment solutions for OFWs before leaving the country to work abroad, while you are in the Philippines, or as a returning resident. Let Sun Life be a part of your journey towards a secure and prosperous future.

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