More than keeping scores, sports represent one of today’s biggest global industries. What used to be just a hobby for some is now a billion-dollar business manufacturing sporting goods, energy drinks, apparel, even events reaching out to sports fanatics all over the globe. The reality of it is that this titan of a market is now more advertised as technology continues to advance.

You see billboards and other compelling ads of all these brands and products dedicated to make an athlete reach optimal performance - shoes, headgear, armbands, bikes, and even specialized running socks. Now, we are more enticed to spend for these “little boosters” so we can have an active lifestyle.

Spending for your beloved sport and buying equipment is not so bad. After all, you will need these items to play and help elevate your game, especially if you’re really passionate about it. So how does one spend wisely while getting to play the sport you love? Consider these tips:

1. Always go for quality. There are a lot of brands out there that promote products to help enhance your game. So which one do you choose? Remember that the one that costs more doesn’t necessarily mean it will give you the best results. Ask around, do your research, and you might just find the perfect brand with good quality that will surely match the way you play. Keep in mind that it’s not always about what you wear or how much it is. It’s still about your talent, skill, and technique.

2. Look for inexpensive places to develop your game. Practicing helps to be better at your sport. This might require you to shell out money for your practice place, like gyms, basketball courts, football fields, etc. However, there are a lot of areas that will allow you to spend less or even none at all so that you can practice. Areas like open fields, open courts, and running paths in villages are good spots to utilize without breaking the bank. You can even meet new friends in the area who love doing the same activity!

3. Learn more from alternative sources. The world we know now is much smaller because of technology, where being able to communicate with other people has already been made easy. Information on drills you can do individually or as a team is available to you with just one click. Take advantage of these. A lot of good coaches and former athletes upload videos online, write blogs, comment on forums, and even give tips on magazines on improving performance. It might be true that attending training camps or tutorial classes is still the best way to learn but these alternative ways of learning can be of great service to an individual. If you have a budget for training, know what type of training to spend it on but do not forget that other inexpensive options may also enhance the way you play. No need to spend so much, right?

With all that being said, whether you spend for equipment or for practice, there will always be a more cost-efficient way to help you progress and develop in the sport you love. Continue to play with passion as this will truly give you a brighter and more active life.

JO Velasco JO Velasco

JO Velasco

JO is a Sun Life Regional Sales Manager and is the striker of the Sun Life Football Club. Besides being an avid sports fan, he also enjoys watching movies and trying out new restaurants. Follow him on Twitter via @JOVelasco11.