There are just too many things that businessmen are usually preoccupied with. Now that the country is transitioning to the new normal, most business owners are more active and motivated to hustle once again so they can bounce back from the losses caused by the pandemic. However, in the process, there is also a tendency for them to become unconsciously neglectful of their own health.

Health insurance for SMEs

Entrepreneurs play a significant role in the lives of many people. Aside from their own family, their employees and business partners also depend on the success of their businesses. Oftentimes, they deal with the pressure of ensuring that everything is in order within their company. Apart from physical fatigue, many business owners also battle with emotional and mental fatigue--factors that could take a toll on overall health.

Securing health is just as important as building wealth. Just as growing a business could already consume one’s effort and time, it is a relief to find that there is health insurance for business owners that address their most important needs.

Top reasons why business owners need a partner in health

● Focus on recovery when critical illness strikes.

In times of health crisis due to a critical illness, cash for health emergencies is made available once needed.  A business owner need not worry about finances and can focus on recovery first knowing that funding has been prepared for this type of uncertainty.

● Keep savings and investments untouched.

The cost of critical illness is high but with health insurance for SMEs, a business owner can keep his/her savings intact. Health insurance may be used to fund medical expenses so that one’s investments may still be preserved for the goals they were intended for.

● Preserve company funds.

Even when hospitalization costs soar, a business owner can get the assurance that his/her business won’t be crippled. Company funds will remain intact to keep a the business afloat and separate funds will be used to cover the expensive cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation.


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The pandemic taught people how health affects many things in life including business. SMEs should realize the importance of health in the same way that they value their companies. People who run companies should keep in mind that many people depend on them. With the right business owners’ health insurance package, entrepreneurs can prevent financial strain on their family and company even when diagnosed with a critical illness.

Sun Life is a business owner’s partner in health. With the SUN Fit and Well Advantage plan, business owners can prepare for the cost of critical illness from hospitalization to home recovery. It can provide the cash needed for health emergencies to ensure that savings and funding intended for business will be left untouched.

Sun Life is a business owner’s partner that can properly take care of one’s health and wealth. Connect with a financial advisor today to ensure that your most important concerns are addressed no matter how busy you may be.