Girl breathing fresh air mask-free post-pandemic

We’re all excited for the COVID-19 pandemic to end. But this eagerness does not always touch on thinking about money management. At this moment, you might already be dreaming about splurging on certain leisure that you were deprived of during the quarantine season. It’s good to stay positive and look forward to happy things. But on the other side, make sure to complement your leisure with bright habits so you can make the most out of life after the pandemic.

Bright tips to make the most out of your life

On personal finances


On lifestyle

  • Save before you spend.
  • Spend within your means.
  • Look for affordable options.
  • Prioritize needs.
  • Pay in cash or immediately settle card payments.
  • Use eCommerce sites wisely. These platforms have also paved the way for consumers to engage in smart purchases. For instance, Life Armor is affordable term insurance available for purchase online at Lazada for P100 only.

DID YOU KNOW: According to a survey, 73% of Filipino consumers are likely to sustain or even increase their pandemic level of online shopping once restrictions are lifted. 37% of the same consumers also reported a preference for online shopping online versus in-store experience.

SOURCES:, Digital Commerce 360, Oxford Business Group


On career

  • Increase your skills and qualifications. Look for short courses that can improve your professional profile
  • Get certified. Take advantage of certification courses that increase your employability in a particular industry.

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On wellness

  • Eat healthy and stay hydrated.
  • Be active.
  • Boost your immunity with rest and vitamins.
  • Prioritize your wellness, including your mental health.
  • Look into health insurance options for you and your loved ones. Sun Life’s health insurance products come with life insurance coverage and health solutions that perfectly address individual needs at different.

Even if the pandemic is not yet over, it wouldn’t hurt to plan now on enjoying life after COVID-19. Many already have celebration plans for the future. One lesson we all can learn from the pandemic is that preparation matters whether it’s for money or health. If you want to take the next step on how to financially plan for a bright future and for life’s contingencies, book an appointment here to get connected with a Sun Life advisor. A Sun Life advisor can guide you on how you can build funds for your priority goals while being prepared for emergencies.