Having a successful career that allows us to earn more while creating significant changes in people’s lives is fulfilling. Working as a financial advisor perfectly fits this description. By providing expert advice on how to grow and protect money, financial advisors help clients improve their finances to have a brighter and more stable future. They also provide guidance on buying insurance products and investing money in financial instruments such as mutual funds. At a time when prices of commodities and services continue to skyrocket, people need to consider having a financial advisor who could help them make proper decisions about money matters.

Being a financial advisor presents a unique opportunity that can complement your existing gigs and add more value to your full-time career. Here are the top five reasons why this should be your next big gig.


1. Enjoy a flexible work schedule and work anywhere

A traditional 9-to-5 job may not be our preferred work routine because we want to take full control of our time.  One of the great things about being a financial advisor is that you can still enjoy a flexible schedule. This means you can spend more quality time with your family and attend to other side hustles while earning more money. 


2. Access more perks and rewards

Being a financial advisor comes with a great deal of rewards and benefits. Aside from unlimited income potential, financial advisors are also rewarded with awesome benefits such as travel perks, health plans, discounted policies, and other unexpected bonuses that usual jobs don't provide.


3. Unlock unlimited independence, satisfaction, and freedom for you and your clients

Working in this profession provides us with the personal satisfaction from helping clients save and invest their hard-earned money. Seeing clients succeed in their financial goals through our valuable advice brings a sense of fulfillment. However, the fulfillment doesn’t stop there. You can also gain financial independence and secure your future by working as a financial advisor. Aside from practicing what you preach to ensure that personal finances are in order, the opportunity for unlimited earning potential further cements a stable and secure future.


4. Discover new opportunities to upskill

Learning never stops when you are with Sun Life. It offers continuous learning and training programs to its financial advisors so they can grow in their profession and provide quality advice to each client. You can learn additional skills from peers and mentors to widen your knowledge and improve your performance at work. Sun Life has a wide range of training modules, such as:

Basic training course

  • Rookie development program
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Personality development
  • Management development course
  • Advisor development course


5. Add meaning and purpose to your career

As a financial advisor, you become your clients’ trusted partner in their financial journey. Your efforts cut through a personal level and continue from one generation to the next. You have the power to help individuals and families to secure their future and achieve their dreams. With a financially rewarding career and a partner like Sun Life that takes care of their advisors, you can take care of the lives of many.

According to Statista, the financial advisory market in the Philippines is estimated to increase by 3.06% from 2023 to 2027. This may lead to a market volume of US$129.60 billion in 2027. In a continuously growing market, a brighter life awaits you. Become an advisor at Sun Life and get the proper training at the Brighter Academy. This program builds knowledge and skills that guide a financial advisor’s career.  


Need help in planning your financial future? Talk to a Sun Life advisor today. 


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