Chances are, you may already be connected to one, which can be great, instead of working on your financial future all alone. Still need convincing? Take a look at the new breed of Financial Advisors who can help improve one’s money mindset and habits. Luckily, they may just be a click or a message away.


1. They are here to help with financial advice.

Some people think that financial advisors are mere sales agents who are only after their commissions. Though it is a rewarding career, financial advisors hone their skills and expertise so they can help craft a financial plan and offer the best product solution for your needs. Many of them see this as their calling, committed to their clients for a lifetime partnership.

A financial advisor is someone who can offer assistance in managing your finances. They can be investment managers, financial planners, or even life consultants. They assess where you are financially, and give advice on how to improve your situation. 

A good financial advisor will talk to you first, and get to know where you are coming from and where you want to go financially before offering solutions.


2. They can help create a financial plan.

Investment-linked funds? Premiums? Mutual funds? For someone who just wants to make your money grow, the complex world of finance and investment can be intimidating. 

Enter the financial advisor who can break down the jargon, explain the myriad of products making them more relatable and understandable, and give you options to weave these financial products into a financial plan that makes sense for your circumstances. If the advisor is in your friends list, you can keep asking questions until you’re 100% sure you have a good grasp. 


3. They keep you accountable to your goals.

With all the information readily available on the internet, the resolve to be more financially-savvy may come easy. You can easily research economic trends, stock market fluctuations, and investment opportunities on your own. But let’s be honest - in between work and play, who has time for that? 

This is where having a financial advisor can come in handy. They will ask you what your personal goals are: Do you want to retire early? Build a business? Secure your family’s future? By doing so, you get to focus on what matters. In turn, they also become dependable partners who can help keep track of your progress. Aside from tapping into their expertise, imagine having a system of accountability to ensure your success.


4. They are Trained Professionals 

You turn to a dentist for a toothache. You turn to a lawyer for legal concerns. Why shouldn’t you turn to a financial advisor for money matters? After all, they are licensed professionals trained to best answer your financial concerns. 

For instance, the 20,000-strong and counting Sun Life advisory force is one of the factors that propelled the country’s first and longest-standing life insurer to be #1. As licensed advisors, they undergo a comprehensive training course on financial management. Their training sessions are regular and updated with the times. As pros in the financial planning game, they are poised to deliver solutions no matter where you are in the financial journey.


5. They are just a message away to help with your financial concerns.

The beauty of an always-on world is literally everyone can be contacted online most of the time. Need to talk to your car mechanic? Send him a message. Want an update on work? Gather everyone in a video conference. Have a question about your finances? Drop your financial advisor a message and they’ll get back to you immediately.


Financial Advisors have served as a lifeline to millions of Filipino families since life insurance came to our shores 125 years ago. For instance, Sun Life has helped 5 million Filipinos secure the bright future of their loved ones, whether it be after a painful loss or propelling them to a worry-free retirement. So the next time an Advisor approaches and reaches out a hand of friendship – why not take a chance and take the offer to create your own financial plan?

Brighter Life Team

The Brighter Life Team is Sun Life's very own writing team. Sharing their own experiences, goals, and ideas, the Brighter Life Team is ready to make your day brighter.