When I think about YOLO which means You Only Live Once, the picture that comes to mind is that of young adults partying the night away, cliff-diving, trying out all sorts of alcohol, and other such “extreme” things. It would be hypocritical of me to say I never engaged in such adrenaline-packed activities. I did – it’s just that back then, we regarded it as normal activities. It definitively did not need a hashtag.

But does YOLO have an age limit? For those of us who are beyond the acceptable age of YOLO, what can it mean? Will it still involve heights, a huge price tag, adrenaline, and maybe a speeding vehicle or copious amounts of alcohol?

Beyond the acceptable age (I vouch for 25), YOLO brings forth some whole new meanings:

  • Because I only live once, I will choose to NOT touch the bag of chips tempting me from the eye level shelf of the supermarket aisle. I only live once so I will choose the organic yogurt jar. Or carrots. Anything that’s not overtly processed and won’t throw my metabolism off.
  • Because I only live once, I will choose wisely where to spend my evenings --- at the brain-numbing party with a new colleague or to take my parents to dinner, whom I don’t see as often.
  • Because I only live once, I will NOT miss my Pilates class tomorrow night so I don’t have to spend the next ten years reversing the turtle-paced metabolism that comes with turning 30.
  • Because I only live once, I will remember that what goes around comes around. So no screaming at the office newbie who messed up a project I worked on for two weeks.
  • Because I only live once, I will choose tea or water versus the tempting fizz of cola on a hot day, knowing sugar can turn into diabetes over the long time. And I don’t want this lifetime to be a diabetic one.
  • Because I only live once, I will spend money on things I use a lot over the course of a day: a work chair, a great mattress, and the knowledge that I have a fat investment account.
  • Because I only live once, I will cultivate the meaningful relationships I already have: my parents, my bestfriends, my family, and mentors instead of trying to chase ones that clearly elude me.
  • Because I only live once, I will refrain from borrowing money or letting my credit card debt go beyond its due date. I want nights where I DON’T have to think of interest growing on my expense or where to get money to pay for things I’ve already consumed.
  • Because I only live once, I won’t wait till I have the right companion, the right time, or the right seat sale before traveling to where I want to go. I have to go where I want to go. And I’m going now.
  • Because I only live once, I won’t dwell and overanalyze things I have no control over and waste away precious hours of sleep over it.
  • Because I only live once, I will try to have as few regrets as I can.
  • Because I only live once, I will make sure most of it goes as planned. Then again, there are just some things you have to just be ready for. Let spontaneity take care of it.

Because YOLO is like fine wine - it matures as it ages, and the cup you drink from flows with more notes of refinement and (hopefully) wisdom. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have got some more plans to YOLO.

Image used under Creative Commons from Sarah Reid

Tara Cabullo

Tara is the lifestyle blogger behind ChroniclesofVanity.com, a founding member of the Brighter Life Team, a BDJ Box Beauty Minister, and a digital marketer for a Telco company.