Latest studies show the Philippines as the 7th fastest-growing remote hub in the world. It was also estimated that around 1.5 million workers make up the gig economy in the Philippines. With the growth of freelancers today, fresh graduates are challenged to make the most of the opportunities from part-time work and earn extra income while also finding a job that can help set the foundation of a solid career.

With the right part-time job, fresh graduates can have a taste of the work environment early, build connections, and further grow their skills. If you are a fresh grad who wants to explore opportunities in the gig economy, here are five of the best part-time jobs that can set your career on track.


1. Virtual Assistant

Gain a currency advantage by working as a virtual assistant for international clients. One of the most sought-after part-time jobs for fresh graduates, a VA job can earn you around Php 294 to Php 1,762 depending on your skills.

As one of the popular types of part-time jobs for students and fresh graduates, work as a VA includes tasks such as email management, scheduling, and customer support for a company, all of which require a versatile skill set. Moreover, it allows for remote work which provides flexibility and saves on commute costs.


2. Social Media Manager

Management of social media accounts allows graduates to develop a deep understanding of different industries and client needs. This job serves an opportunity for fresh graduates to .

A favorite among the different types of part-time jobs, it involves content creation, analysis of audience engagement metrics, and planning to implement campaign strategies which are crucial for modern marketing. It also offers a chance for fresh graduates to build a portfolio that can attract future employers or clients.


3. Customer Service Representative

Customer service work helps graduates improve their problem-solving abilities and interpersonal communication skills which are valuable in any career.

This is a common type of part-time job for fresh graduates that entails handling customer inquiries, conflict resolution, and assurance of customer satisfaction that fosters patience and empathy. The experience gained can lead to higher-level positions in customer relations or management roles.


4. Online English Tutor

The global demand for English language education opens opportunities for fresh graduates to earn money while improving their teaching and communication skills within flexible hours.

This job is an excellent choice among part-time jobs for fresh graduates and students that require the creation of lesson plans, one-on-one sessions, and assessment of student progress. It also provides cultural exchange opportunities, enhancing the tutor's global awareness and teaching versatility. 


5. Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, fresh graduates can earn extra income through commissions and gain knowledge in financial planning. In companies like Sun Life, you will have the privilege to earn while making a positive impact on other people's financial health.

The responsibilities of financial advisors usually involve client meetings, assessment of their financial situations, and providing tailored advice on investments and insurance. It's a rewarding job that has many transferable skills crucial for other part-time roles.


These 5 part-time job opportunities provide Filipino fresh graduates with increased income and valuable job experience, cultivating essential skills for long-term career growth.

Every role offers unique advantages from flexible schedules to skill growth whether you choose to become a virtual assistant, social media manager, customer service representative, online English tutor, or financial advisor. While part-time job opportunities continue to grow through the gig economy, fresh graduates and the youth are also given the chance to be empowered to build a solid foundation early in their professional journey.

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