As the Christmas season nears, discounts and promos are offered almost everywhere. Clearance sales, yearend sales, and the monthly promos in stores and online shops could make a deal seeker’s heart skip a beat. While it may seem like the perfect time of the year to splurge on shopping especially with the extra pay that employees usually get this season, impulse buying could also be the reason for one to be broke even before the merry-makings begin.

Before you shop and swipe or spend the money you worked hard for all year long, think about it. Is it really worth the splurge? Here are some points that will guide you on how to spend your money wisely this season (and the months to come).

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Impulse buying may affect your current and future finances. Important holidays like Christmas and New Year will always be coupled with attractive marketing strategies that are intended to lure customers to make a purchase. Don’t fall into this trap.

Though the spirit of giving is felt this season, you have to be mindful about how you spend. With the extra money you’ll get to take home this Christmas, it’s best to realign your goals, save, and spend wisely. Or else, you might just end up regretting the purchases you’ve made when you could have used them for more worthy purposes--like your future.

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