As Filipino tradition dictates, the Christmas season is when everyone exchanges gifts with loved ones. It’s the time of the year when the 13th month and Christmas bonuses are spent. Giving a gift that “keeps on giving” may be an exhausting cliché, but in our current economic climate, it is actually the more thoughtful and practical way to give a gift. Gifting something that increases in value over time will make your loved ones remember you long after the holiday gift-giving is over.

Make the holidays and your hard-earned money count with these inflation-proof gifts:

  1.  Education platform subscription
     Learning or enhancing a skill keeps one’s mind engaged and active particularly in their field of interest. Helping them grow their skillset will equip them to stay ahead in their discipline. It will also open new doors of opportunities for them. It may be a better chance of getting a promotion, a new stream of income, or just an added skill. Start with the free Brighter Life Institute modules on personal finance.

  2.  Property
    Naming a property under a loved one’s name is also a viable gift for the coming holidays. Its value grows over time through varying economic factors like inflation. Even on a bad economic year, properties increase in value by 2-4% conservatively.

  3.  Investment gift card
    Instead of giving coffee shop gift cards, why not give a Sun Life Prosperity Card? It comes in PHP 1,000 and PHP 5,000 denominations. It’s also a perfect pamasko to inaanaks as the Prosperity Card can be given to a minor provided that the parent or the legal guardian is the principal trustee. Know more about it here.

  4.  Peso starter fund
    An affordable investment gift for friends and family, you can invest in the Sun Life Peso Starter Fund for as low as PHP 100, which is equivalent to a third of a kilo of onion today! Or if you have a higher budget this season, the Sun Life World Equity Index Feeder Fund is quite a generous gift.

  5.  Life insurance
    The Sun Life VUL or variable universal life insurance is a life insurance with an investment component. It provides the recipient and their family protection in the event of death, and at the same time makes your money grow. You can check out Sun Life insurance products.

  6. Mutual fund
    It’s like giving a gift that is worth more than what you actually paid for. Optimize your money’s value over time with a Sun Life Mutual Fund. To purchase a mutual for your loved ones, visit the online application platform or better yet, talk to an advisor to learn more.

  7. Artwork
    Aside from them being great conversation pieces, paintings and sculptures by renowned artists appreciate in value over time. It will also beautify an area of your home, and serve as a reminder of you every time they look at it.

  8. Collectibles
    Collectibles such as action figures, NBA cards, and mint condition vintage vinyl records have high value, and they will only accrue capital gains in time. This is especially even more valuable for enthusiasts and collectors. 

Different kinds of investments as gifts will definitely make their futures brighter. Whether the investments increment in value through appreciation or interest, your loved ones will continue to benefit from the rewards of these kinds of investments for the long haul.