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Breaking the bias: The role of networking and self-promotion in gender equality

In a usually male-dominated world, it’s great to know that women are finding their voice through networking and self-promotion. 

Many industries in the Philippines are dominated by the male population. According to the Labor Force Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority, the female labor force participation rate went down from 48.4 percent in January 2020 to 46.9 percent in January 2021. Both rates are lower than the male labor force participation rate, which were 74.8 percent and 73.9 percent during the same period. 

This was echoed in another study, particularly the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report which showed that the Philippines’ ranking decline from 17 in 2021 to 19 in 2022. A study from Philippines Institute for Development Studies also disclosed that women earn 18.4 percent less than men in digital jobs. 

While many Filipinas have already proven their competence in various fields, gender equality is still a work in progress in the country. This is why it is important for women to keep making their voices heard. This is where self-promotion and networking come in, as it can help level the gender gap in various sectors. Here's why it can help: 


To get noticed at work—in the best possible way

Self-promotion is one way of stating facts that support one’s work and efforts. It can help ensure that positive efforts and successes are emphasized and acknowledged. This can lead to career progression by demonstrating one’s readiness to fulfill the roles and responsibilities demanded by a certain role. 


How Self-Promotion Can Be Done

●      Earn a new certification. This is a step that presents the opportunity to share an achievement that is relevant to one's work or position.

●      Get positive feedback. Credibility can be earned through positive reviews from clients. A good feedback can be used as a tool to self-promote especially thru platforms that are accessible to managers and clients.

●      Bank on achievements. Small or large feats can impact one's status at work. Be proud of personal achievements and ensure that people will also be aware of the challenges and difficulties that were successfully overcomed to complete an amazing feat.


To have a “We” versus “Me” mindset 

Networking is a way to build impactful connections with other professionals that can benefit both parties. It helps build a better reputation, increase visibility, and strengthen one’s support network. 


How Networking Can Be Done:

●      Participate in networking events. Expos, conferences, and job fairs are some of the types of events that one should get involved in to build a network.

●      Attend industry meet-ups. Establish connections with people in the same industry. Consider interactions with them as opportunities to expand your reach and establish connections.

●      Connect with professionals. Reach out to relevant people especially thru platforms like LinkedIn where  one can be a part of relevant virtual communities.


Remember, there should be a balance between networking and self-promotion to make it sincere and tasteful. In doing so, one must focus on accomplishments relevant to the profession. It must be communicated clearly while maintaining objectivity. 

Self-promotion and networking are essential tools that can empower women and other genders to thrive in different fields and eventually drive gender equality. Aside from having an approach to break the bias in the workplace, women are capable to achieve success even in male-dominant fields.


Rising in male-dominated industries  

While the Philippines still has a long way to go to address the gender bias, there has been some progress here and there. 

The gaming scene is one example. It has boomed in recent years and these days, we’re seeing more Filipina e-gamers making a name for themselves. The proliferation of female gamers isn’t just happening in the Philippines too. In Asia, the number of female gamers is increasing, with 36 percent of competitive players being female. 

Finance is another industry that was previously male-dominated field. However, the situation has improved in recent years, with outstanding women finding their place in this industry and becoming stewards of consumer and corporate assets in various finance sectors.  

At Sun Life Philippines, we are proud to have a community of strong and empowered women. In fact, Sun Life’s pool of financial advisors is predominantly female. The company is also led by women leaders, such as Sun Life Chief Asset Management Officer Valerie Pama, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Joy Castillo, and Sun Life Chief Financial Officer Candy Esteban.   


Moreover, Sun Life also provides a clear path toward providing equal opportunities and is committed to uphold diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace.  

Aside from pursuing its purpose of helping Filipinos achieve a lifetime of financial security and live healthier lives, Sun Life remains committed to making clients, colleagues and communities shine brighter - and breaking the bias is certainly one way to make this happen. 


Want to be a part of Sun Life’s 20,000-strong agency force in the Philippines? Start your journey towards becoming a financial advisor today.

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