Modern-day Filipino women are  empowered individuals and play prominent roles in society. They also have decisive role in their families, contributing to important decisions such as finances, act as mentors, and actively takes part in family ventures.

Given that women hold half of the world, it is imperative that they also learn how to secure their own financial future. Unfortunately, despite the changes in roles, there is still much to learn about the importance of life insurance for women. A study showed that among the Filipino women surveyed, only 4% have life insurance. It’s time to uncover the benefits and protection that may be availed with life insurance.

Important benefits of life insurance for women

1. Build a safety net.

The best time to build a safety net is when one is still earning an income and is still in good health. This can be done by buying life insurance. Doing so can provide protection against untoward events such as death, permanent disability, sudden loss of income, and other financial emergencies. It will serve as the safety net that can spare the insured and their loved ones from further losses and financial problems.

2. Prepare for retirement.

Think about the future. Retirement days would be more manageable with continuous income. Ideally, both the husband and wife should have a retirement fund to ensure that their needs and the household welfare is protected by contributing from both ends. For single women who are also breadwinners and with dependents, life insurance is essential.

3. Be prepared for health emergencies.

One of the struggles in life that can greatly impact finances is medical emergencies. These can be a great burden on the family, so it is important to prepare for them. Aside from getting spared from financial difficulties, it would be a relief to know that in the event of an illness, there is enough funding to cover the expensive cost of treatment.


4. Prepare for life milestones like having your own family.

For those who are starting a family, life insurance for women may be used to cover the expensive costs related to childbirth. Choose the right women’s life insurance plan that meets your family’s long-term plans.


Sun Maiden Plus life insurance for women provides financial assistance for up to 3 children deliveries as well as pregnancy-related complications.

5. Protect the family’s finances.

Whether a career woman or a home maker, women need life insurance. While some may think it’s only necessary for breadwinners, the substantial support that would be needed to take care of a woman’s health in the future should not be overlooked. Without life insurance, the finances of a family would be compromised when health is at risk and there is no coverage to take care of unexpected expenses.

6. Get peace of mind.

Women are about the security of their families. By buying life insurance, By buying life insurance, women can secure the future of their loved ones. It offers peace of mind knowing that no matter what life’s surprises may bring in the future, dependents will be given the financial support that they may need.

Life insurance plans specifically made for women

Sun Life offers life insurance for women that were made to address specific needs and help protect the future of the insured and their dependents.


Sun Maiden and Sun Maiden Plus are life insurance for women that are designed to provide life insurance coverage and health protection benefits to help cushion the financial impact that may be brought by any covered female-specific illnesses and surgeries.


●      Ensure your loved ones' future with life insurance coverage

●      Get female critical illness benefit

●      Take advantage of 5 free diagnostic or preventive procedures to maintain good health

●      *Obtain financial assistance for your maternal needs


*for Sun Maiden Plus life insurance only


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Women are empowered to take charge of financial responsibilities concerning their families and loved ones. It pays to have peace of mind once life gets tougher knowing that there is enough coverage to take care of urgent needs.


It’s time for more women to know and understand the importance of life insurance. Reap benefits that extend no matter what one’s status in life is. Talk to a financial advisor today to know the life insurance plan that’s right for you.