If you’re looking for a positive and prosperous start this Chinese New Year, here are some activities to consider to get your groove on.

1. Visit Chinese temples

Before Chinese New Year starts, Chinese temples open their doors to help everyone( and I mean everyone) check their luck and fortune for the New Year.

They write down the Zodiac’s luck chart, give out lucky red envelopes and they offer advice to those who are feeling unlucky.

Visiting these temples can easily help you plot your possible decisions for the year.

2. Balance the house clutter

It’s not always about decluttering. The Chinese housekeeping culture has always believed in achieving the perfect balance.

Just like the Yin and Yang, a perfect balance should be considered when deciding what to throw away and what to keep.

Throwing away old and useless items represents discarding bad luck, while buying new items represents bringing in good fortune. This is to make sure that luck and fortune is circulated yearly.

If you do have a problem with a lot of stuff in your house, you can always read our article on Decluttering.

3. Give out red envelopes

The Red Envelope is regarded to be one of the most iconic things in Chinese New Year. It represents generosity, love, fortune, grace and almost anything that involves goodwill.

Although, the main point of giving out red envelopes is to spread prosperity and joy.  If the past year has been good to you, you have to be generous to continue the cycle.

There is no actual rule in how much you should give, however you should always put in new money and avoid putting anything with the number 4. (The Chinese word for 4 is pronounced the same way as the Chinese word for death.)

4. Watch the Fireworks display

To mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebration, a fireworks display is customary to symbolize good luck and fortune and also to scare away bad spirits. Fireworks are culturally known to awaken good spirits because of the energy and happiness it brings.

You can visit Binondo (The oldest Chinatown in the world) to get the full experience of a Chinese fireworks display.

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